Tape & Adhesive Dispensers

The right tool makes a product work even more efficiently. Our diverse range of tape and adhesive dispensers is designed to meet various application needs. The selection includes electric and manual tape dispensers, as well as adhesive dispensers for single-component and dual-component applications, ensuring precision and reliability.


Tape Dispensers


Manual Tape Dispensers

Manual tape dispensers are simple, hand-operated devices that allow users to control the dispensing and cutting of tape manually. They are versatile and suitable for a variety of tasks.

Automatic Tape Dispensers

Electric tape dispensers are designed to automate the process of dispensing, cutting, and advancing tape. These dispensers are ideal for high-volume applications where speed and precision are crucial

Electric / Automatic Tape dispensers

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Tape dispensers assist you in numerous tasks and applications. Enhance your workflow and production efficiency with the right tape dispenser. Our experts provide personalized guidance to help you select the best product for your business.

Tape & Adhesive Dispensers

Adhesive Applicators

Single-Component Adhesive Applicators​

Single-Component Adhesive Applicators

Single-component adhesive applicators are engineered to provide efficient and precise application of single-part adhesives. These applicators ensure accurate application with minimal waste, resulting in a clean and consistent finish every time.

Two-Component Adhesive Applicators

Two-component adhesive applicators are engineered to precisely handle and mix two-part adhesives, ensuring accurate mixing ratios for optimal adhesive performance. These applicators provide uniform adhesive flow and application, essential for maintaining high-quality standards.

Two-Component Adhesive Applicators

Static Mixer Nozzles

Nozzles ensure precise and controlled application of adhesives, enhancing the performance of your applicators. These nozzles provide uniform adhesive flow and application, essential for maintaining high-quality standards.

Tape & Adhesive Dispensers

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