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Catalogue of Products

A product is only as good as the person behind it. This is where MPI Matco shines. We do not only distribute or resell outstanding products, we pioneer solutions adapted to different environments.

Our engineers work tirelessly to determine the best product for the application you need.
Because what good is an adhesive that doesn’t bond a lasting solution?


Pressure Sensitive Tapes

From double sided to aluminum and film tapes, find the right PSA tape for your application. Looking for a custom tape solution? We’ve got you covered.

Adhesives & Sealants

When you need a highly adhesive solution that bonds to almost any material, you can count on our selection of high-performance sealants and structural adhesives.

PTFE -Teflon

PTFE Teflon is perfect when you need strength, durability and excellent resistance to high corrosion and chemicals. We offer PTFE Teflon fabrics, tapes and belts.

Tape & Adhesive Dispensers

Whether you need a manual or automated tape dispenser or glue gun, we have the right tool to help you work more efficiently.

Black Mamba FHG

Reinventing sink installation in less than 10 seconds.This is the Black Mamba FHG difference.

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