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Electric Tape Dispenser with Safety Guard


ZCM1100 electric tape dispenser is perfect for medium to high production of repetitive taping in industrial applications. It automatically cuts and advances tape to predefined lengths, ensuring operator safety with its built-in safety guard cutting head. The dispenser accepts tape rolls in widths from 0.28 to 2” (7 to 51 mm) and features an LED display panel for easy setting of automatic feed and cut functions. With adjustable feed roller pressure and a guillotined cut for a clean edge, it delivers precise results. The dispenser is suitable for various tape roll sizes, has a durable steel frame, and operates on 117 VDC at 50/60 Hz. It’s an excellent choice for manufacturing, assembly, and packaging tasks.





  • Safety guard system prevents activation of cutter when foreign objects are present (fingers,tools,etc.)
  • Ideal for medium to high production of repetitive taping for industrial applications
  • Program a defined length and automatically advance and cut tape
  • Accepts tape widths from .28” to 2” (7 to 51mm)
  • Cuts tape lengths from 1.2” to 39” (30 to 999mm)
Product Details
Tape Width
7 to 51mm
.28" to 2.0"
Cut Length
30 to 999mm
1.2" to 39"
Max. Outside Dia. of Roll
3-in-1 Core Holder
1", 1.4", 3"
Accuracy of Cut
6 lbs
Length Setting
Digital (LED)
Digital (LED)
250mm x 135mm x 165 mm
9.8"x 5.3" x 6.5"
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