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7.2 mil PTFE Adhesive Tape


GC170 is a tightly woven glass cloth coated with an aggressive silicone adhesive. This tape provides excellent dielectric insulation properties and high heat resistance. It also provides good chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance.



Main Applications

  • Insulating electric and induction furnace power             supply leads
  • Insulation for motor lead connectors, switches                 and controls
  • Reinsulating and repairing coils on mining machines
  • Securing or splicing high temperature, non-PSA     materials in high-temperature areas
Product Composition
Glass cloth
Asset 1
Techical Data
Dielectric Strength
4 000 V/mil
7.2 mil 0.18 mm
Adhesion to steel
40 oz/in 4.4 N/cm
Operating Temperature
-100 to 500+ °F -73 to 260+ °C
Tensile Strength
120 lb/in 210.0 N/cm
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