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SAF103 (103F)
Two Component Methacrylate


SAF130 is made of methacrylate adhesives, which brings a structural adhesion without the use of a primer. It offers high adhesive strength, high elongation as well as a low linear shrinkage of about 1%. It has the capabilities to resist impacts, vibrations and peeling.

It is recommended to use this product in temperatures varying between -40 and 150°C. It is also resistant to humidity during the assembly, UV effects as well as fresh, salt or demineralized water. It has also obtained the M1/F1 accreditation for fire and smoke resistance. SAF130 Ultimate can withstand aggressive environments such as alkaline, diluted acids, polar solvents, oils and more.

Key Features

  • High impact, Temperature resistant, Very fast curing time
  • Excellent environmental and chemical resistance
  • Primerless 
  • Permanent toughness and high elongation
  • Minimal surface preparation 
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Non-sag, application on vertical surface 
  • Wide range of open and curing time

Adhesive Properties

Mix Ratio (vol.)
Open time (mins)
4-5 (1-2)
Fixture Time (mins)
8-10 (3-5)
Elongation (%)
Lap Shear Strength (MPA)
Modulus (MPA)
350 - 450
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