Premium PVC​


P1030 is a premium packaging tape with a PVC-film backing and a natural rubber adhesive. Its PVC backing allows for a quiet unwind with greater tear and puncture resistance. It offers excellent performance on most types of cardboards and secures a safe closure. The natural rubber adhesive system is designed to show best results for applications on different kinds of surfaces. Foreground text and images can be printed in one or two colours on a single background colour.


Main Applications

  • Applications at room temperatures and then stored in low-temperature environments.
  • Carton sealing
  • Bundling
  • Secure packaging
  • Identification of contents and handling instructions
  • Logos and branding
Product Composition
Natural rubber
Custom Printed Packing tape
Technical Data
1.73 mil
Application Temp.
35 to 150 °F / -10 to 66 °C
Operating Temp.
2 to 180 °F / -20 to 80 °C
Elongation at Break
Tensile Strength
65 lb/in - 115 N/cm
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