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Printed Freezer Grade


P1020 is an industrial grade, biaxial-oriented polypropylene tape designed to be used in applications at refrigerated temperatures. It features patented release coat technology for consistent unwind, faster drying and improved productivity. Works well in cold and dusty environments. Complies with environmental considerations of ASTM. Meets CID A-A 1684C. ROHS compliant. Foreground text and images can be printed in one or two colours on a single background colour.



Main Applications

  • Applications at refrigerated temperatures or at room temperatures and then stored in low-temperature environments.
  • Dairy facilities
  • Meat and poultry processing plants
  • Secure packaging
  • Identification of contents and handling instructions
  • Logos and branding
Product Composition
BOPP film
Natural rubber
Custom Printed Packing tape
Technical Data
1.93 mil
Application Temp.
20 to 110 °F / -7 to 43 °C
Operating Temp.
-15 to 100 °F / -26 to 38 °C
Elongation at Break
Tensile Strength
26 lb/in - 45N/cm
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