Functional splicing tape


7915 is a self-wound, high tack, polyester tape with an aggressive silicone adhesive. It is conformable and offers high adhesion to silicone release coatings. The silicone adhesive’s controlled level of crosslinking gives the tape a good balance between adhesion to substrates, shear strength and temperature resistance.

Available in blue

Main Applications

  • Splicing silicone coated papers, films and textiles
  • Butt splicing
Product Composition
PET Film
Masking Tape
Technical Data
Dielectric Strength
Thickness (mil)
2.5 mil
Adhesion to steel
30 oz/in
Operating Temp.
-60 to 350 °F / -52 to 176 °C
Long Term Temp. Resistance
350 °F / 176 °C
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