Red PVC Tape


6032is a packaging tape for outer packaging of commercial cartons. It offers high tensile and adhesion strength. It is resistant to moisture, diluted acids and alkalies, short exposure to heat (up to 70°C) and low temperatures (down to -20°C).

Available in red




Main Applications

  • Outer packaging of commercial cartons
  • Reliable and secure seal for large cartons and
    plastic containers
Product Composition
PVC Film
Natural rubber
Red PVC Packaging Tape
Technical Data
2 mil
Adhesion to steel
18.3 oz/in
Operating Temp.
≥ -4 °F - ≥-20 °C
Short Term Temp. Resistance
158 °F - 70 °C
Tensile Strength
20.6 lb/in - 36 N/cm
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