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5 mil High Modulus PTFE Tape


5405 is high modulus PTFE tape made from pure 5 mil unsupported virgin PTFE. High modulus PTFE tapes offer improved density and strength over skived PTFE tapes. 5405NL is suitable for high temperature roller wrapping during die polyethylene extrusion and laminating processes. 5405NL also offers excellent electrical properties, it can be used to insulate coils and transformers due to its high dielectric strength. It also offers excellent release properties on low friction surfaces, high chemical and abrasion resistance as well as conformability.


Main Applications

  • Roller wrapping applications
  • Extrusion, coating and laminating processes
  • Electrical insulation for coils and transformers
  • Heat sealing
Product Composition
Oriented PTFE
Technical Data
Dielectric Strength
14 000 V/mil
Total Thickness
8 mil
Adhesion to steel
30 oz/in
Operating Temperature
-100 to 500 °F ( -73 to 260°C)
Long Term Temp Resistance
500 °F (260 °C)
Elongation at Break
Tensile Strength
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