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UV Resistant Duct Tape


5310 is a PE coated cloth tape that is equipped with an aggressive natural rubber-based adhesive. It has excellent tensile strength and tearability as well as superior holding power, which provides an aggressive adhesion to rough surfaces. It also offers a clean removal from most surfaces up to 30 days. It’s low VOC content satisfies EQ Credit 4.1 under LEED®.

Available in red



Main Applications

  • Temporary outdoor masking of wood, metal and concrete
  • General repair
  • Hanging PE sheeting or kraft paper for outdoor stucco installations
  • Bundling, patching and mending
Product Composition
Natural Rubber
Red PVC Packaging Tape
Technical Data
10 mil
Adhesion to steel
50 oz/in
Operating Temp.
40 to 200 °F / 4 to 93 °C
Long Term Temp.Resistance
200 °F / 93 °C
Tensile Strength
22 lb/in - 39 N/cm
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