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Silicone Rubber Coated Roller
Wrapping Tape


tesa 4863 is made of a silicone-coated cloth and a rubber adhesive. Its embossed surface allows it to resist sticky substances and offers a non-slip effect for smooth surfaces.




Main Applications

  • Roller wrapping applications
  • Printing and textile industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Web-based processing and converting industries
Product Composition
Silicone coated cloth
Natural rubber
Technical Data
24.4 mil
Adhesion to steel
27.4 oz/in

Roller wrapping tape application


Step 1

Wrap the tape once around the roller at the desired angle and mark the point where the end of the roll meets the second turn of the tape. 

Step 2

Put the tape on a flat surface and cut it diagonally from the end of the roll the marked point of the tape. 


Step 3

Remove the liner and start applying the tape, starting from the edge of the roller.

Step 4

Keep on wrapping the roller with the tape at even angles, leaving no gaps in between the layers

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