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Premium Acrylic Coated Cloth Tape


4651 tesa® has a fabric backing with rubber adhesive. It is strong and can withstand almost every application. It offers high adhesion on rough surfaces, tensile strength, straight tear and conformability and is easy to write on.

Available in : White, black, gray, brown, blue, green and yellow


Main Applications

  • Bundling and reinforcing of heavy pipes, profiles etc
  • Covering of bore holes and other openings
  • Marking of wires and cables
  • Labelling and colour coding
  • Floor marking
  • Airtight and permanent sealing of pipes
  • Securing of sharp edges
  • Fixing and insulating of wires
  • Sealing of tins and tubes
  • Floor coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Product Composition
    Acrylic cloth
    Natural Rubber
    CL 4651
    Technical Data
    12.2 mil
    Adhesion to steel
    Short Term Temp. Resistance
    266 °F / 130 °C
    Tensile Strength
    57.1 lb/in - 100 N/cm
    Elongation at Break
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