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Fineline tape


tesa® 4244 PV0 is a flexible soft PVC tape with a natural rubber adhesive for Fineline masking if a very sharp paint edge is required, especially on painted or unpainted plastic parts. The 4.3 mils thickness helps to implement good and sharp paint edges, while the soft PVC of the tapes offers good conformability.

Available in golden yellow.


Applications Fields

  • Car bumper masking applications
  • Masking applications in tight and narrow curves and difficult 3-D shapes
  • Masking with special requirements in regard to PVC or halogen usage
Product Composition
PVC film
Natural rubber
Masking Tape
Technical Data
4.33 mil
Adhesion to steel
42.9 oz/in
Temperature resistance
284 °F / 140 °C
Elongation at Break
Tensile Strength
15.42 lbs/in / 27 N/cm
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