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3.5 mil Extreme Weather


330X has an aluminum backing with high-performance acrylic adhesive. It is conformable and resistant to UV, moisture and mold. It also offers a low VOC content, a high tack, an aggressive bond as well as an excellent performance in extreme weather. This tape meets flammability requirements for construction, aerospace and marine applications.




Main Applications

  • Insulation seaming and patching
  • Refrigeration applications
  • General-purpose industrial and automotive uses
  • Aircraft sealing and masking
  • Window mask
  • Taping joints and seams
Product Composition
Aluminum foil
Unbleached kraft paper
Aluminum foil Tape
Technical Data
3.5 mil
Adhesion to steel
55 oz/in PSTC-101
Application Temperature
≥-25 °F ≥-32 °C
Operating Temp.
-35 to 260 °F / -37 to 127 °C
Long Term Temp. Resistance
260 °F 127 °C
Tensile Strength
14 lb/in ASTM D-
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