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Medium Performance Duct Tape


223 is composed of a PE-coated cloth and a rubber adhesive. It offers moisture resistance, conformability, good tensile strength and tearability as well as excellent adhesion. It is also a low VOC content tape.

Available in white, black, silver, brown, tan, red, burgundy, blue, green, olive drab and yellow



Main Applications

  • Hanging and seaming
  • Sealing and closure
  • Color coding
  • Temporary holding and bundling
  • Product Composition
    PE Cloth
    Natural Rubber
    CL 223
    Technical Data
    10 mil
    Adhesion to steel
    90 oz/in
    Operating Temp.
    40 to 200 °F / 4 to 93 °C
    Long Term Temp. Resistance
    200 °F / 93 °C
    Elongation at Break
    24 %
    Tensile Strength
    27 lb/in - 47 N/cm
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