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Superior Grade

2110 is a superior grade high temperature masking tape with a waterproof flexible crepe backing and a rubber resin adhesive. It is suitable for spray painting operations with drying cycles at high temperatures up to 90°C/194°F (1 hour) or up to 110°C/230°F (30 minutes). It offers high adhesion, excellent resistance to moisture and humidity, exceptional conformability on curved surfaces, and good paint anchorage for most water and solvent based paints. It is designed for wet sanding and spray painting operations in vehicle repair applications. Its conformable paper backing allows for a clean removal without tearing from curved surfaces, within four days of UV exposure, and its bright orange colour makes it very visible.

Available in orange


Main Applications

  • Professional masking for high temperature spray booth painting
  • Masking fibreglass moulds (gelcoating) and composites
  • Marine, bus, truck, RV and automotive paint applications
  • Wet sanding
  • Aerospace paint applications
Product Composition
Saturated creped paper
Solvent borne rubber resin
Stucco Tape Duct Tape
Technical Data
135 μm
5.3 mil
Adhesion to steel
2.5 N/cm
22.8 oz/in
Elongation at Break
Tensile Strength
38 N/cm
21.7 lb/in
Short Term Temperature
110 °C
230 °F
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