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Welcome to MPI Matco’s New Website

MPI Matco is thrilled to have launched a new Website in December 2022. This new site highlights the many products and services we offer as well as our expertise as a supplier of industrial tapes and adhesives.

From our products to our converting services, let’s take a look at the essential information you will find on our new website.

Our Products

Over the years, MPI Matco has built a strong reputation as a specialist in diverse adhesive solutions.  Our product line includes PSA tapes, PTFE products, adhesives, sealants and tape and adhesive dispensers.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

MPI Matco is proud to distribute pressure sensitive tapes from leading brands such as TESA and 3M. Whether you are looking for silicone pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, gaffer tapes, foam, metallic, cloth and fabric tapes, you are sure to find what you need from us. Our tapes are offered in many combinations of backing, adhesives and liners. If you can’t find what you want, we’ll help you design a custom solution.

Learn more about PSA tapes

PTFE Teflon

Teflon’s exceptional properties, such as its resistance to high temperatures and wear, make it the material of choice for many applications. Available in adhesive tapes and fabrics, Teflon is used by various industries such as printing and food processing. Discover our PTFE Teflon products such as PTFE impregnated fiberglass tapes, skived PTFE tapes, Teflon coated fiberglass conveyor belts and more.

Learn more about our Teflon products

Adhesives and Sealants

Unfortunately, you can’t tape everything. At MPI Matco, we offer structural adhesives, UV adhesives and performance sealants used by many different industries such as construction, signage, manufacturing and more. We are proud to offer Black Mamba FHG, an instant super-bonding modified silicone polymer sealant.

Learn more about our adhesives and sealants

Our Services

To help companies optimize their manufacturing process, we offer several customized converting solutions such as adhesive tape die-cutting, spooling, and slitting. We also offer the manufacturing of custom printed tapes to help you showcase your brand and special instructions.

Because we are an experienced tape manufacturer, we can help you solve your many adhesion challenges. Our P2B “Process to Bond” model allows us to fully understand your application and its requirements first, then help you choose the right product or develop a unique solution to your needs. We also have a testing laboratory to ensure that the proposed solution meets all your requirements.

Finally, because we care about your success, we also offer our MMHTM stocking program designed to prevent any supply chain disruption by mitigating common forecasting errors. We make it and hold it until you are ready to use it!

Trust Us With Your Adhesion Challenge!

We hope you enjoy our new website and learn a little more about our products, solutions and expertise. As a custom adhesive tape manufacturer, we are committed to helping Canadian businesses optimize their processes and meet their adhesion challenges. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and customized solutions. Contact us today and let one of our experienced specialists help you get out of a sticky situation!

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