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Tapes and adhesive solutions offer an alternative to heavier bonding materials such as screws, bolts, and other fasteners.  Applications may require a high resistance to heat, chemicals, and UV, and bonding to low surface energy (LSE) plastics. Matco’s bonding products are used in the production of aircraft, automobiles, trucks, buses, bicycles, marine craft, trains, motorcycles and recreational vehicles.


Our adhesive tapes are a proven technology that provides flexibility in design, faster processes, and a durable bond.

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Eliminate screws and rivets

Where traditionally screws and rivets have been used tapes offer benefits such as reduced installation times and labor costs, fewer surface irregularities and seams, elimination of potential cracking and corrosion sources, waterproofing, and the ability to absorb or reduce impact, vibration, and noise.

Carpetinstallation Trasnportation

carpet fixation

Double-sided tapes are ideal for fixing floor coverings such as carpets, PVC and vinyl in campers, buses, and trailers. They ensure excellent adhesion even on critical surfaces as well as high conformability.

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Masking tapes protect car bodies and bumpers during the painting process. These tapes are characterized by extremely resistant backing, high adhesion and cohesion even at high temperatures, along with good surface conformability, including easy and clean removal at the end of the painting process

PanelsMounting Transportation

Panel Mounting

Tapes are ideal for mounting panels and assembling different material layers on the vehicle body frame. They ensure high bonding strength, thermal and mechanical stress resistance, and excellent holding over time.

Trimassembly Transportation

Attachment Parts

Structural bonding tapes securely fix accessories such as trim, emblems, parking sensors, mouldings, fenders, flares, spoilers, thermoformed parts, and frames. They ensure perfect conformability and excellent dissipation of mechanical and thermal stress, providing excellent holding over time.

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Tapes are used to bundle and insulate cables and electrical wires. They ensure secure taping and high resistance to abrasion and cutting, UV rays and thermal stress while optimizing weight and space.

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