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Reinvent bonding, in a matter of seconds. Black Mamba FHG is an all-round adhesive and joint sealant that replaces silicone, screws, clamps, clips or wood. Its high, immediate holding strength and elasticity makes it an obvious choice across installations. Designed for structural bonding in construction, automotive, and marine, to name a few, it has excellent adhesion to most substrates.  

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Black Mamba FGH

All round, high performance and ease of use

Black Mamba FHG is a mono component MS polymer adhesive, that cures under influence of humidity to form a permanently elastic bond. The main advantage of Black Mamba FHG is its 100% active material with odorless, bubble free curing that offers high mechanical resistance 

Black Mamba FHG is excellent for demanding exterior applications offering superior resistance to moisture, weather and UV with minimal shrinkage. Its special formula enables resistance to aggressive environments such as alkaline, diluted acids, polar solvents, oils and more. Due to the high elongation properties, it allows for resistance to impact, vibration, thermal expansion/contraction and peeling. 

Main Benefits


Product Name

Technical Information

Tensile Strength at break (ASTM D638)

Elongation at break (%)

Hardness Shore A (ASTM C661)

Skin Formation Time

Tack Free Time (ASTM C793)

Specific Gravity


Green strength

Accelerated Weathering (ASTM C793)

Cold Temperature Flexibility (ASTM C734)

Application Temperature

Service Temperature

Black Mamba FHG

Black Mamba FHG MS60HT Tack immediately secures heavy objects without supports, even in demanding conditions, and is suitable for most types of materials (concrete, wood, metal, cork, aluminum, PVC, copper, brick, stone…) both indoors and outdoors.

2.2 Mpa / 320 PSI


50 – 60

15 – 30 min

<24 hours


Other colours available upon request


 No crack, stains, discoloration 


-18°C – 60°C / 0°F – 140°F

-40°C – 135°C / -40°F – 275°F

Black Mamba FHG

Black Mamba FHG MS60 is a
multi-purpose adhesive and joint sealant for construction work and bonding most types of materials. It is very versatile and is the one-stop solution for all your adhesive needs.

0.86 Mpa / 125 PSI


60 – 70

120 min

<48 hours

1.60 – 1.70

Other colours available upon request


 No crack, stains, discoloration 


-12°C – 38°C / 10°F – 100°F

-40°C – 93°C / -40°F to 200°F


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