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Marketers say that brands need to be sticky to stand out in the market. Our clients include Printers, Sign and Banner Manufacturers, and POP Display Specialists who agree that adhesive tapes are essential for digital graphics and point-of-purchase displays. Most common graphics material use bonding tapes, protective tapes, and mounting /laminating adhesives.


Adhesives & Tapes for Graphic Displays & Signage

Heavy Duty Bonding

High bond foam tapes are the ultimate grade pressure sensitive adhesives. They often replace and are used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners and glues for permanent bond strength in interior and exterior signs. This includes mounting dimensional lettering, making monument signs, and components of electrical signs. Acrylic foam tapes can resist UV rays, handle extreme climates, bond to most sign materials, form moisture seals, dissipate energy, and are quick and easy to use.

Graphic Overlays and laminating

Adhesive Transfer Tapes - Also known as "free films" are simply pure adhesive on a liner with no carrier film. When they are used to laminate paper or film, these allow you to simulate direct adhesive coating on any surface, even in small quantities. They can fill uneven surfaces in thicker gauges to create high adhesion.  These tapes are frequently used for graphic overlays, wide web lamination, nameplates, adhering layers, and POP display kits.

Bonding Smooth Surfaces

Double-Sided Film Tapes with rubber or high-tack acrylic adhesive on both sides create quick, permanent, and low-cost bonds on relatively smooth substrates. Suitable for banner hemming, assembly of smoother flexible or rigid vinyl, polystyrene, plastics, foam board, nameplates, metals, posters, lightweight signs, scroller boards, indoor signs and displays, etc.

Application Tapes

Transfer Applications

Transfer tape, also known as application tape or "pre-mask is a digital graphics essential for transferring cut vinyl graphics from the release liner to the substrate. For most vinyl graphics jobs, it is essential. Application Tapes are available in a variety of tack levels and ideal for sign making, screen printing, transferring vinyl lettering and graphics, and as a pre-mask for large graphics. For every application we have a matching transfer paper or film.

Bonding Textured Surfaces

Double-Sided Foam Tapes with high tack, permanent adhesive on two sides help level out materials and fill gaps on textured surfaces to create a stronger bond. They are typically used to mount letters / numbers onto signs, ADA, Wayfinding, name plates,other indoor signs, or bonding POP displays and visual merchandising-posters.

Surface Protection

Surface Protection tapes are designed to prevent surface from scratches, marks during handling, transit, post installation etc.


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