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Adhesive Tapes are used in the production, assembly, fabrication, and extrusion of finished goods in almost every industry around the world. We provide a broad selection of industrial and manufacturing tapes designed to withstand even with the most rigorous applications. Examples include bonding of similar and dissimilar materials together, mounting signs, protecting polished metals with surface protection films, reducing slip and vibration, protecting electrical components, sealing against environmental conditions, and thermal management, among others.

We help you to find the most cost-effective adhesive tape for your application and convert it to your requirements.


Industrial Tapes for Manufacturing, Converting & Distribution


Adhesive tapes help to achieve a sleeker design, appearance, and functionality by reducing the use of fasteners and hardware. They perform numerous functions in appliance design, including: Mounting and Adhering, Noise and Vibration Damping, Gap and Hole covering and reinforcement.

Paperboard & Corrugated Products

Adhesive tapes offer consistent thickness with debris-free from oozing, glue lines, or overspray making them ideal for primary packaging, POP corrugated displays and packaging product manufacturers.

Textile, Fabric & Foam Products

Double-sided tapes are ideal for reliable, secure bonding in industries such as blinds and shades; carpeting; footwear; foam packaging; and specialty products made from engineered textiles.

Manufacturing Process Aids

Adhesive tapes are an easy way to secure parts or materials. They are frequently used in machine shops, wood shops, and small manufacturing job shops. Examples include attaching multiple parts together so they can be cut together at the same time, and holding the overlap seam securely while the fabric is being stitched.

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