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If the quality of your work relies on your ability to produce an airtight bond on joints and seams, you can only trust products that are engineered to meet the toughest standards known to the HVAC industry. Matco’s tapes are used in applications ranging from duct sealing, insulation mounting/hanger support, and gaskets as well as general-purpose bonding and sealing.


Specialty Tapes Insulation and Gasketing in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems

Sealing & Seaming

Aluminum foil tapes help to prevent loss of flow pressure as a result of possible air leaks at the joints or seams. The shiny and UV-resistant foil backing offers an enhanced appearance, excellent reflective, and flame-retardant properties. Additionally it remains flexible to resist cracking and lifting around irregular or curved surfaces.


Foil tapes are used to secure strips of insulation as well as to seal an outer layer of reflective insulation that will cover the surface of the duct. Foil tapes play a critical role because they act as the primary barrier to preventing air leaks and breaches that could compromise the performance of the insulation.

Temporary Protection

Duct Protection Film is designed as a temporary closure to protect uninstalled and partially installed ductwork from foreign objects, such as screws, lumber, scraps, drywall, dust, and other materials from falling into vents. It helps to eliminating the expensive post-construction clean-up of ductwork
and air vents.

Specialty Tapes for HVAC Systems

Choosing the right HVAC tape for the job is critical to get it well done. There are
numerous tapes available, and each serves a distinct purpose.

Self-Wound Foil Tape

Foil Tapes

  • General purpose seaming, patching and sealing.
  • Sealing off conditioning and cool/warm air flow ducting.
  • Sealing joints in ducting providing a flame retardant & vapour-proof barrier
  • Duct board joint and seams
  • Lamination for air conditioning ducting systems

  • Polyurathene Foam Tapes

    Foam Tapes

  • Used for closed tight gasket purpose, for avoiding moisture and dust.
  • Ideal for wrapping hot or cold piping's and fittings
  • Excellent for preventing condensation problems.
  • Used for a wide range of sealing and dampening applications
  • Used as weather-strip, sealing tape, gasket tape and spacer tape

  • General Purpose Duct Tape

    Duct Tape

  • Ideally used for application like patching, reinforcing, bundling,moisture, proofing,
    sealing and splicing
  • Rubber adhesive that adheres aggressively to most surfaces for good holding power
    and a tight seal.
  • Idealy used for heavy duty application

  • Protective Film Blue

    Duct Wrap

  • Surface protection, moisture Barries
  • Used protect units placed in a high humidity or corrosive environment.
  • Increases the ability to maintain clean equipment

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