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PTFE Food Processing

Food Processing & Packaging

Food quality and consistency is a result of clean and long-lasting release surfaces, ease of cleaning, and guarantee against sticking or contamination of food and dried ingredients. Matco’s food grade PTFE tapes, fabrics and belts serve as durable non-stick surfaces in food processing environments known for their fluctuating conditions and processes.


PTFE-coated belts and conveyors are used in cooking and food processing for mass-produced foods.
It creates a release surface that allows commercial food processors to produce it at a high volume.

PTFE ContactGrilling

Contact Grilling

PTFE-coated fabrics provide a consistent, long-lasting, and reliable performance. This performance translates to a higher level of product quality concerning the browning, shape, and finish of formed proteins; as well as the reduced potential for burning of heavily marinated proteins.

PTFE FoodProcessing

Cryogenic freezing

PTFE belts are ideal for use in cryogenic freezing, a food processing technology that is rapidly gaining popularity due to the lower setup costs and improved food quality.

PTFE Food Drying applications

Food drying belts

Open mesh belts allow air to flow around the belt, increasing the efficient of the air distribution around the product. They are widely used in food processing plants. Depending on the product conveyed, the belts are fitted to vacuum belt dryers, microwave dryers, or hot air dryers.

PTFE Packaging applications

seal machines & vacuum packaging

PTFE tapes offer protective coverings for packaging processes involving impulse heat sealers and hot bar sealers. They provide a non-stick, abrasion-resistant surface allowing rapid transfer of the heat while protecting the heat elements from build-up of melted packaging material.

PTFE Tortilla Production

Tortilla and Flatbread Production

Flatbreads and tortillas are baked in press ovens that use PTFE-coated conveyor belts. Dough pressing requires a consistently nonstick surface, resistance to oil permeation, optimal heat transfer, puncture and abrasion resistance, and robust dimension stability to withstand repeated contact with press platens.

PTFE Teflon Steam Cooking

steam cooking

PTFE belting materials are used for steam cooking in industrial pet food production. High-temperature belts allow production lines to operate effectively, They reduce downtime and avoid premature maintenance operations while providing excellent release properties with very low grease permeation.

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