Food Processing & Packaging

The food processing and packaging industry is essential for ensuring that food products are safely prepared, packaged, and delivered to consumers. This industry requires high-performance materials that can withstand harsh conditions, maintain hygiene standards, and improve efficiency. Adhesive tapes and PTFE belts and tapes are integral components in achieving these goals, providing solutions for sealing, bundling, protecting, and enhancing production processes.

PTFE Applications

PTFE-coated belts and tapes provide superior performance in various food processing & packaging applications, ensuring high-quality results and efficient operations

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Tortilla and Flatbread Production

Protective tapes safeguard surfaces from scratches, dust, and damage during production, preserving the quality and appearance of set pieces and props.

Food Processing & Packaging

Cryogenic Freezing

PTFE belts are ideal for cryogenic freezing, offering lower setup costs and improved food quality through efficient cooling. They maintain flexibility at low temperatures and provide a non-stick surface.

PTFE Food Drying applications

Food Drying

Open mesh PTFE belts allow air to flow efficiently, improving air distribution around the product. These belts are used in vacuum belt dryers, microwave dryers, and hot air dryers, ensuring efficient drying processes.

PTFE Packaging applications

Seal Machines & Vacuum Packaging

PTFE tapes provide protective coverings for packaging processes involving impulse heat sealers and hot bar sealers. They offer a non-stick, abrasion-resistant surface that allows rapid heat transfer while protecting heat elements from melted packaging material build-up.

Food Processing & Packaging

Contact Grilling

PTFE-coated fabrics provide consistent, long-lasting, and reliable performance, enhancing the browning, shape, and finish of formed proteins, and reducing the potential for burning heavily marinated proteins. They offer high temperature resistance, non-stick surfaces, and chemical resistance.

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Steam Cooking

PTFE belting materials are used for steam cooking in industrial pet food production. High-temperature belts reduce downtime and avoid premature maintenance, providing excellent release properties with low grease permeation.

Tailored for excellence, our PTFE tapes and belts address the specific requirements of the food processing & packaging

PTFE Tapes

Known for their non-stick properties and high temperature resistance, these tapes are perfect for heat sealing and conveyor belt applications.

Physical Characteristics: High temperature resistance, non-stick surface, chemical resistance.
Common Uses: Heat sealing, conveyor belt splicing, surface protection.

PTFE Coated ope-mesh belting fabrics

PTFE Belts

These belts are essential for various food processing tasks, providing durable, non-stick surfaces for grilling, freezing, and drying applications.

Physical Characteristics: Non-stick surface, high temperature resistance, flexibility at low temperatures.
Common Uses: Contact grilling, cryogenic freezing, food drying, tortilla and flatbread production, steam cooking.

Packaging Applications

Adhesive tapes are essential in the packaging sector, offering solutions that ensure products are securely sealed, labeled, and protected throughout the supply chain. The use of high-quality tapes can improve efficiency, reduce waste, and maintain product integrity

Food Processing & Packaging

Sealing and Carton Closing

Packaging tapes, such as acrylic and hot melt tapes, are used for sealing cartons and boxes securely. These tapes provide strong adhesion, ensuring packages remain closed during transit and storage.

Bag Sealing

Bag Sealing

Adhesive tapes are used to seal bags effectively, ensuring the contents are protected from contamination and leakage. This is particularly important in the food industry, where maintaining hygiene and freshness is crucial.

Bundling and Unitizing

Bundling and Unitizing

Adhesive tapes are used to bundle and unitize multiple products together, making handling and transportation easier and more efficient. This includes strapping and banding tapes that offer high tensile strength and durability.

Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper-Evident Seals

 Security and tamper-evident tapes are used to ensure the integrity of packaged goods. These tapes provide visual evidence of tampering, enhancing product security and consumer confidence.

Surface Protection 1

Surface Protection

Protective tapes shield product surfaces from scratches, dust, and damage during handling and transport. These tapes are essential for maintaining the appearance and quality of the packaged products.

Cold Temperature Applications

Cold Temperature Applications

Specialized tapes designed for low-temperature environments are used in packaging applications where products need to be stored or transported in cold conditions. These tapes maintain their adhesive properties even at low temperatures, ensuring packages stay sealed.

Engineered for performance, our adhesive tapes meet the demands of the food processing & packaging, ensuring secure and efficient solutions.

Acrylic and Hot Melt Packaging Tape

These tapes are essential for securely sealing cartons and boxes in various environments.

Physical Characteristics: Strong adhesion, available in clear or tan colors. Acrylic tape offers excellent UV and aging resistance, while hot melt tape provides a strong initial tack and good shear strength.
Common Uses: Acrylic tape is ideal for sealing cartons exposed to sunlight or varying temperatures. Hot melt tape is perfect for fast-paced environments where immediate handling and shipping are required.

Acrylic and Hot Melt Packaging Tape e1717623214301
Filament Tapes

Filament Tapes

This tape provides superior strength for bundling and reinforcing packages, ensuring heavy or bulky boxes remain secure.

Physical Characteristics: Filament-reinforced, high tensile strength, clear with visible filaments.
Common Uses: Used for bundling products and sealing heavy or bulky boxes, providing added strength to handle significant weight and stress.

Strapping Tape

Strapping tapes are used to secure large and heavy packages, ensuring stability during transportation.

Physical Characteristics: High tensile strength, strong adhesive, often reinforced with filaments.
Common Uses: Ideal for bundling and securing heavy packages, palletizing, and reinforcing boxes to prevent them from opening during transit.

Strapping Tapes
Tear Tape

Tear Tape

Tear tapes provide a convenient and efficient way to open packages, enhancing the user experience.

Physical Characteristics: Pressure-sensitive adhesive, easy to apply, usually thin with a strong grip.
Common Uses: Used for providing easy-open features in packaging, such as for cigarette packs, food packaging, and other consumer goods, ensuring a clean and straightforward opening method.

Selection Tips

Choosing the right adhesive tape and PTFE belt can significantly impact the efficiency and quality of food processing & packaging operations. Here are some practical tips specific to this industry

Selection Tips 1

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