Flexographic Printing

In the flexographic printing industry, precise and efficient adhesive solutions are crucial for achieving high-quality prints on various substrates. Adhesive tapes are integral to the printing process, providing essential support for plate mounting, splicing, and surface protection. From securing printing plates to ensuring seamless splicing and protecting surfaces, our tapes play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of printing operations.

Plate Mounting Solutions

15 mil Tape

Plate mounting with tesa® Softprint 380 µm / 15 mil

20 mil Tape

Plate mounting with tesa® Softprint 500 µm / 20 mil

Splicing Tapes

Splicing and joining paper, films and other materials during the printing process.

Process Tapes


Roller Wrapping

Prevents surface slipping and build up of adhesive and ink on transport rollers.


Edge Sealing

Joining plates to avoid plate lifting during the printing process.


Core Starting

Secures paper to the core to prevent it from slipping or spinning.


Failure Flagging

For marking material imperfections and print faults.

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