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double-sided tapes to fix different flooring materials

Building & Construction

Building and construction adhesive tapes have become essential in almost every step of a building project. Permanent and temporary tape products are used for efficiency and/or aesthetics in both exterior and interior applications. It is common in this industry to refer to tapes by their utility, such as bonding tapes, surface protection tapes, carpet tapes, masking tapes, window glazing tapes, sealing tapes, electrical tapes, and many others.


Our adhesive tapes are a proven technology that provides flexibility in design, faster processes, and a durable bond.

Building Wrap

Quick stick and long-term adhesion solutions are required for insulation, vapour seal, and metal building installations. Our pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes portfolio provides exceptional performance. ​

Elevator and Aisles

Acrylic foam tapes and polyethylene foam tapes are ideal for permanent metal, glass, and plastic mounting and bonding. They provide outstanding performance in applications such as the fabrication and assembly of elevator and aisle components.​


We have a selection of products that are ideal for repairing a wide range of carpet and flooring materials. It includes both permanent and temporary applications up to a variety of substrates for a diverse array of flooring applications such as trade shows, institutional buildings, sports arenas, and residential settings.​

Windows and doors

Acrylic foam tapes are among the products in our portfolio that combine strong,
long-lasting bonding technology with excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations. We also have single-sided compression foam sealants for sealing water, air, and dust; single-coated tapes for protecting and preserving the quality and integrity of material surfaces; and other double-sided products that bond while remaining flexible.

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