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Reinvent bonding in a matter of seconds with Black Mamba FHG®. This all-round adhesive and joint sealant seamlessly replaces silicone, screws, clamps, clips, or wood. With its high, immediate holding strength and elasticity, it becomes an obvious choice for various installations

Black Mamba FHG adhesive sealant
Black Mamba FHG, Elastic bonding

Black Mamba FHG® is a hybrid formula that effectively combines the strength of polyurethane with the insulation and weathering resistance properties of silicone. Furthermore, it serves as a high-performance adhesive, showcasing exceptional bonding capabilities, and delivering the best of both materials. Its remarkable durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture, diverse weather conditions, and UV radiation establish it as the preferred choice for demanding applications across various industries, from construction and signage to marine and transportation. In these sectors, it stands out as a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for all your sealing and bonding needs.

Why Elastic Bonding?

Improved Stress Distribution

By providing an even distribution of stress across the entire bond line, it helps prevent localized stresses and reduces the risk of cracks or failures.

Enhanced durability

Unlike mechanical jointing techniques, it can withstand a greater degree of movement and vibration, making it a more durable and long-lasting solution.

Reduced Weight

Because it can bond dissimilar materials, it often eliminates the need for heavier mechanical fasteners, thereby reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency.

Improved Aesthetics

Additionally, it can provide a smooth, seamless appearance with no visible fasteners or joints, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the finished product.

Black Mamba FHG®

With its unique combination of properties, it outperforms traditional silicone and polyurethane sealants in many ways.

Black Mamba FHG

Silicones vs Black Mamba FHG®

Low Odour: In contrast to traditional silicone sealants, Black Mamba FHG® stands out with its low odour during application and curing, creating a more pleasant working environment in enclosed spaces.

Faster Skin-over time: Additionally, it boasts a faster skin-over time compared to silicone sealants, allowing for quicker installation and reducing the risk of surface contamination.

Paintable: An additional advantage is that it can be painted over after it has cured, distinguishing it from silicones sealants.

Non-staining: Most silicone sealants contain “silicone oil” that can seep into adjacent substrates and stain porous materials like marble or granite. In contrast, Black Mamba FHG® does not contain silicone oil, thereby eliminating the risk of oil staining and the aesthetic issues caused by migration.

Polyurethane Vs Black Mamba FHG®

No Shrinkage: While polyurethane sealants contain solvents that evaporate during the curing process, leading to shrinkage and recessed joints, Black Mamba FHG® avoids this issue entirely by not containing any solvents or water.

No Blistering: In contrast to polyurethane sealants that contain isocyanate, a chemical prone to reacting with moisture and causing blisters during curing, Black Mamba FHG® is free from isocyanate, ensuring a blister-free application.

Weathering Resistance: Notably, it excels in weathering and UV resistance when compared to polyurethane sealants. This enhanced resistance translates to increased durability and reduced susceptibility to cracks, resulting in a longer service life and decreased maintenance requirements.

Performance comparison of Black Mamba FHG®, PU and Silicone

Black Mamba FHG Polyurethane Silicone
Environmentally friendly
Low temperature
Slump resistance
Quick Cure
Storage stability
Weather resistance
Adhesion to various substrates
Mechanical Properties
Stain resistance
Black Mamba FHG Adhesive performance comparison

and Benefits

Applications Industries


As a versatile alternative to welding and mechanical fasteners in sign fabrication, it showcases the unique ability to bond dissimilar materials, provide insulation against galvanic corrosion, and exhibit exceptional environmental resistance.


For industrial applications, it finds utility in air conditioning equipment, prefabricated structures, and sealing sandwich panels in refrigeration installations. It also serves as a reliable solution for basic maintenance needs.


Within the transportation sector, it plays a significant role in the automotive industry. Its applications include bodywork assembly, sealing and bonding of windows, windshields, prefabricated pieces, as well as sealing floors, roofs, and side panels.


With its adherence to diverse materials, it proves ideal for marine applications such as teak deck caulking, elastic bonding of frames, profiles, plates, and sealing seams, overlaps, joints, and cracks.


Known for its user-friendly nature, it is a preferred choice in the construction industry. It serves various purposes, from sealing around windows and doors made of aluminum, PVC, wood, or a combination of materials to being used for expansion joints in precast concrete or natural stone facades, bonding interior and exterior cladding panels, joining and sealing multi-material covers, as well as filling and repairing fissures and cracks in flooring.


It can powerfully adhere to most materials and substrates such as

  Metals, Aluminum and other alloys
  Galvanized Steel
  Powder Coated metal
  Glass and laminated glass
  Wallboards and gypsum
  Bricks and concrete
  Natural Stone

Black Mamba FHG Adhesive, adheres to most materials

Product Line

Black Mamba FHG®
High Tack

High Tack: Tailored to reduce installation time, Black Mamba FHG® delivers immediate action, securing heavy objects in demanding conditions without the need for additional supports, and it establishes a strong, permanent bond to both porous and non-porous substrates. Additionally, it’s suitable for both interior and exterior projects and boasts water-resistant properties. It cures rapidly and is solvent-free, even suitable for use on damp surfaces.

Black Mamba FHG®

Universal: Specifically designed for demanding applications that necessitate a robust, enduring bond, Black Mamba FHG® cures in the presence of moisture, forming a durable, elastic rubber that adheres to a wide range of building materials. This solvent-free and low-odour formula can be employed for both interior and exterior projects.

Black Mamba FHG®

Construction: Tailored for applications that do not demand high green strength, Black Mamba FHG® cures under the influence of moisture, ultimately creating a robust, elastic rubber bond with most building materials. Once fully cured, it achieves a sturdy and permanent bond, all while remaining solvent-free, water-resistant, and suitable for use on damp surfaces.

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