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Can breadth and depth co-exist?  They do, at Matco. Our value-added extends beyond a wide range of products and custom solutions. It also includes over 25 years of successful collaborations across a variety of industries in North America.

Having serviced multiple industries means we have a true understanding of these markets and their challenges. This will enable us to find a unique solution for your company, too. Because one size never fits all.

Our team transforms engineering challenges into innovative applications for the industrial sector. This optimizes processes and increases performance. Our clients benefit from operational efficiencies, streamlined manufacturing and cost savings. 

This is why they call us the glue between design and functionality.

Building & Construction

Adhesives and tapes for the construction and architecture industries have become integral in almost every step of a building project. We work with Contractors, Engineers, Architects, and Home Builders to determine solutions for both commercial and residential buildings.


The manufacturing environment faces specific challenges that requires understanding before efficiencies can be found. With a wide range of industrial strength single-sided tapes, double-sided tapes, and adhesives, know that adaptability, flexibility and durability are always a Matco prerequisite. 

Flexographic Printing

From the printing press to packaging a finished product, Matco provides adhesive tape solutions to keep work flowing efficiently. Our tapes, used for paper web splicing, plate mounting, and roller wrapping help to achieve superior printing results – even at higher machine speeds and during longer print runs.

Food Processing & Packaging

Nonstick and low friction coatings are essential throughout the food processing industry. Their use provides significant benefits in terms of product quality, efficiency, and manufacturing speed. We offer a complete line of PTFE tapes, fabrics, and belts tailored to specific applications found in the wide range of processes within the food industry


By replacing traditional mechanical fasteners with adhesives and tapes, manufacturers have increased productivity and decreased costs. We offer solutions for masking, mounting, sound dampening, surface protection, thermal management, and more.

Arts & Entertainment

Behind any lights, camera, action!  is a tape for use in motion picture, audio/visual, television, theatrical, and photography. We know that every detail matters in the Arts & Entertainment industry. Because media production comes with many performance requirements, it is critical to give tape a lead role in many applications, be it on set, stage, or in the field.

Sign & Graphics

Marketers say that brands need to be sticky to stand out in the market. Our clients include Printers, Sign and Banner Manufacturers, and POP Display Specialists who agree that adhesive tapes are essential for digital graphics and point-of-purchase displays. Most common graphics material use bonding tapes, protective tapes, and mounting /laminating adhesives.


Specialty adhesive tapes are integral to the efficiency and longevity of HVAC systems. Since HVAC systems generate heat and cold these systems must be well sealed and insulated to ensure optimal performance.
Whether you’re looking to bond system components together, shield against motor heat, insulate the system for maximum efficiency or seal gaps to prevent air or water leaks, we can help you select the right specialty tape for the job.

Professional Painting & Stucco

For the industrial painting and powder coating market, masking tapes are essential during the process. They need to be easy to use and removable without residue, even on delicate surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
Whatever type of masking you require, you’ll find the right pressure-sensitive adhesive tape to achieve exceptional results.

Black Mamba FHG

Reinvent bonding, in a matter of seconds. Black Mamba FHG is an all-round adhesive and joint sealant that replaces silicone, screws, clamps, clips or wood. Its high, immediate holding strength and elasticity makes it an obvious choice across installations. Designed for structural bonding in construction, automotive, and marine, to name a few, it has excellent adhesion to most substrates.

Learn how Black Mamba secured 1st place in the adhesives category.

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