Practical Applications of Double Sided Tape in the Construction Industry

Practical Applications of Double Sided Tape in the Construction Industry

Double sided tape has more applications in the construction industry than it does in any other industry. It is a pressure sensitive tape, featuring adhesives on both sides. With such a design, it is meant to stick two surfaces together, and in most cases, it will not be easily visible on the end product because it will be trapped in between the objects that it binds. Here are some of its common applications within the construction industry:

Overlap house wrap seams

When single sided tapes are used to seal house wrap seams, there is always the possibility of water penetrating the tape, and finally, getting access to the structure. To avoid such a potential failure, double-sided tapes used as housewraps will overlap the seams, and remove the possibility of water accessing the structure.

Overlap vapor barrier seems

Most constructions are now using vapor barriers in the crawl spaces for seaming the building. A high quality double sided tape can be used for attaching the barrier to the walls instead of using the normal screws, which will not just allow moisture to access the structure, but also will allow air leakages into the buildings.

Overlapping floor underlayment

Most contractors are keen on developing airtight buildings, but sound is still an issue. However, double-sided tape is now being used as a remedy with various flooring underlayment, and includes soundproofing materials.

Attaching insulation to the walls permanently

If you want to attach insulation materials to the walls permanently, then the best type of tape to consider is double sided tape.

Floor protection

It is always common to find homeowners using carpets or floorboards to cover floors, so that they can protect the surfaces during the construction process. For such an application, there are double-coated carpet tapes with an aggressive adhesive system that can be used for carpet holding, and will not leave any residue once it is finally removed.

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