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Custom Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

Custom adhesive tape manufacturer
custom adhesive tape manufacturer
custom adhesive tape manufacturer
Film Slitting

All our custom solutions are turn-key. As a custom adhesive tape manufacturer we transform any bonding challenge directly in-house with the guidance of our Application Experts.

This allows for greater QC (quality control), faster turn-around for our clients, and lower costs.

No matter which custom adhesive solution you choose for your business, we make it our business to design it, develop it and manufacture it on-site. Many tape manufacturers will outsource to lower their overhead, meet MOQ’s or reduce costs. We prefer keeping control to ensure premium quality and timeliness.

You can call us control freaks .. but once you get Manufacturing 360, you’ll stick around too!

Call us for 360⁰ Solutions

The Multiple Faces of Manufacturing

There are not many custom adhesive tape manufacturers that are able to stay by your side throughout the entire process. MPI Matco prides itself on being there from the onset, with a deep understanding of client’s unique bonding challenges.

We call this process MPI Matco P2B Model™ or the Process to Bond Model™.  It involves an analysis of each situation so that our engineers recommend the bonding solution meant for your business.

Few manufacturers worry about rigorous testing to ensure successful applications. MPI Matco ensures that extensive data collection is made available through our Testing Lab.This rigorous step is necessary to validate a fit between the custom adhesive tape we manufacture and your specific needs.

Few manufacturing facilities will care about your inventory. MPI Matco is different in the advisory role it takes with clients.The MPI Matco MMH Stocking Program™, also known as The MPI Matco Make and Hold Stocking Program™ is designed to prevent any supply chain disruption by mitigating common forecasting errors.  Clients tell us that our Stocking Program brings supply chain simplicity and 20/20 foresight to any industry. The result for our clients is lower scrap rate and higher profit margins.


This is why we have built the reputation of Manufacturing 360. It is because we view your business needs holistically – not transactionally. 

Our long-standing partnerships with industries across North America prove that we care much more than just selling you something sticky. We strive on designing individual solutions for your bonding needs. We care about your efficiencies and engineering dilemmas and production quality. 

MPI Matco’s extensive network of collaborators ensures that our capabilities always go above and beyond the scope of the project. It’s the combination of what we know, plus who we know that makes any project achievable, on spec and on-time. 

We are much more than a custom adhesive tape manufacturer. 

We transform engineering challenges into innovative applications for the North American industrial sector with structural adhesives and highly technical pressure sensitive tapes. From slitting, to spooling, to die-cutting, to custom printing,  MPI Matco has a solution for you. 

360 Manufacturing

Manufacturing 360 means
bridging solutions across categories.

Do you need a polyester filmed with a silicon adhesive? Yes, we have that, too. MPI Matco prides itself on bringing together different materials that meet our clients’ needs. Cross-matching carriers, liners and adhesives results in custom solutions for any industry.
How do liners, carriers and adhesives work together? Think of them as a trio power team made up of facilitators, supporters, and performers.

custom adhesive tape manufacturer

How do liners, carriers and adhesives work together? Think of them as a trio power team made up of facilitators, supporters, and performers.  

Liners are the facilitators

They are the removable material that protects the adhesive carrier. This is what makes it easy to unwind and apply the tape.

Carriers are supporters

They are the backing material on which the adhesive is applied. Their role is important because they dictate the conformability, tensile strength and elongation of the tape.

Adhesives are the performers

They are the glue, or the pressure sensitive adhesive, that keeps it all together. Their cohesion, viscosity and adhesion properties determine the actual performance of a tape.

custom adhesive tape manufacturer

Together, these components impact specific tape features that make a broad variety of industrial applications possible. Versatile and suitable for different needs, including: function, durability, environmental or operating condition, and type of substrate. There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a bonding solution: the surface to be bonded, the application and storage conditions, and the final application.
Find out more.

Discover how cross-matching these three components can meet your application needs.

Call us a partner that knows your business inside-out, and sticks by your side to make it better.

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