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Custom Solutions

Our goal is to understand your bonding application and its specific requirements, in order to recommend the right custom solution, whether it is a PTFE Teflon tape or pressure sensitive tape. Using our experience, in-depth product knowledge and testing capabilities, we can find a product that, in many cases, will be innovative, improving your manufacturing processes. Whether it’s by saving time, saving money, or increasing efficiency, our highly-experienced solutions specialists aim to optimize your operations.

Consulting & Product Solutions

With MPI Matco’s “Make and Hold” stocking program, you’ll never run out of tape and adhesive solutions customized to             your needs.

Manufacturing 360⁰

Matco has expertise in the design, development and in-house manufacturing of adhesive solutions for many industries.

Custom Printed Tapes

Print company logo, packaging information, or marking information in any colors with MPI Matco high-quality custom
printed tapes.

Our Process

The Matco P2B Model™

MPI Matco’s P2B “Process to Bond” model allows us to fully understand your bonding application and specific needs right from the start.

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