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Tape Slitting Services

Customized Precision Slitting

At MPI Matco, our expertise in tape slitting services sets the standard in precision and customization. Specializing in transforming both single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes into the exact widths you need, we ensure every slit tape meets your specifications. Our process is adept at handling a broad range of tape widths, from 21″ to 60″, in both imperial and metric measurements.

Efficient Slitting Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art tape slitters are digitally-controlled, handling rolls up to 12″ in diameter with ease. The robust construction of our equipment allows efficient cutting of denser materials, including challenging polyesters, polyimides, and foil tapes. This capability sets us apart, as we tackle a wider range of materials compared to others who may focus on lighter-weight materials like paper or foam tapes

Advanced Slitting Technology

Precision in Every Cut

Our lathe-style slitters deliver unparalleled precision, aligning the carriage and blade digitally for consistently accurate cuts. This technology significantly outperforms manual slitters that depend on visual estimations. Our ability to create multiple widths in a single job setup leads to faster slitting and reduced lead times, an essential feature when diverse options from the same material are required.

Wide Range of Tape Widths

We can slit tapes with widths typically ranging from 0.125″ to 60″. Our team is always ready to discuss custom requirements for narrower widths, ensuring we meet all your slitting needs.

Why Choose MPI Matco for Tape Slitting?

Expertise and Quality

Expertise and Quality

Our experience in adhesive tape manufacturing and the use of advanced equipment ensures top-notch slitting services.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

We collaborate closely with you, delivering solutions that precisely fit your project's needs.


Versatile Capabilities

Our equipment can handle a wide variety of materials, including denser and more challenging tapes.

Contact Us

Our application experts stand ready to assist with your tape slitting requirements. At MPI Matco, we dedicate ourselves to providing exceptional service and quality products, tailor-made for your needs. Contact us to access efficient and precise tape slitting solutions!

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