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Die Cut Adhesive Tape

MPI Matco can produce an infinite number of die cuts to accommodate any design. The end result is a die cut adhesive tape in a shape and size that is unique for your specific applications. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Die cut adhesive tapes helps optimize our customers’ process by reducing time, waste and cost. They create secure physical seals between components. This makes them extremely versatile and can solve business challenges across a variety of industries.

From double-sided tapes to transfer tapes, most of our products can be die cut and converted to fit your specific needs.

Infinite shapes, for infinite applications

Die-Cutting Tape Converting Services
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MPI Matco manufactures specialty die-cut parts made from Pressure Sensitive Adhesive TapesWith hundreds of existing dies, most of our clients find a design to help them optimize their project. But if your design is something that we do not already have a die for, rest-assured that we can make it for you. From die-cutting, to laminating, to extended liners, there are countless solutions available.

The Process

The manufacturing process of die cut adhesive tape involves large quantities of identical shapes that are stamped from a material at a rapid speed. The process is performed on specialized machinery using a custom-made die that consists of sharp blades, formed into the desired shape. The adhesive material to be cut is placed on a supportive substrate. The die is then pressed onto the material and the desired shape is cut out.  The die is designed for maximum efficiency with minimal waste.

By varying the blade length or adjusting the bed-height, a single die may be used to cut either single or multiple layers of laminated or stacked materials. Die-cutting to achieve consistent, uniform results is widely used to create parts which can be assembled into a finished, custom part or product.

What About the Price?

Set up fees for creating dies has a reputation of being expensive. This is because the work involved is meticulous and requires craftsmanship, but a well-made die has a long-life span and has the potential to create millions of tight tolerance precision parts. This is why we encourage you to ask about our existing dies if you believe your design is common. We probably have it on-hand ready to use!


Different Types of Die Cutting Techniques

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting involves cutting through the base material down to, but not through, the liner/backing. During the kiss-cutting process, the perimeter of each part is cut by a sharp metal die or by a precision laser beam. This allows adhesive back parts to be removed from the backing liners more easily. Kiss cutting is one of the most popular methods for providing an easy-to-use cut-to-shape adhesive tape.​

Flat-Bed (Steel-Rule) Die-Cutting

There are a few types of die-cutting processes, but the most popular is Flatbed Die Cutting. For this process, the desired shape is formed from steel blades, optimized for maximum part production, and mounted onto the die plate. The die is mounted on the machine and then pressed into the adhesive tape using a hydraulic press. Flatbed Die Cutting is an ideal solution for smaller runs.

Rotary Die-Cutting

Rotary Die Cutting uses a cylindrical die on a rotary press. Rolls of adhesive material are unwound and fed through a press. As the cylindrical die rotates, it can cut out shapes, make perforations or creases, or even cut the material into smaller parts. Rotary Die Cutting allows for a faster, more efficient output and is recommended for larger runs.

Die Cut Adhesive Tape Applications

There are many exciting technological advances of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tapes. This has created new and unique opportunities to address an increasing number of daily die cut design applications. PSA Tapes can provide removable convenience or structural bonds. 

Many components use die cut adhesive tapes. Their adaptability means they are found in computers, computer accessories, electronics, automotive, aerospace, displays, furniture, appliances, toys, orthopedics, medical, instrumentation, lighting, office equipment, metal fabrication, to name a few.

Some die cut adhesive tape applications include: Bonding, Joining, Mounting, Sealing, Fastening, Attaching, Shielding, Gasketing, Masking Protecting, Holding Positioning, Sound Damping, Quieting, Cushioning Insulating.

Die Cutting Matco

Why Opt for a Die Cut Adhesive Tape?

Converting Solutions


Choose a die cut for its simplicity and repeatability, and help automate the application process. See your process from a different angle and discover how cut-to-shape adhesive tape goes hand-in-hand with automation.

Converting Solutions


Trust that a die cut’s precision will produce the exact same result, every time. Save time you would have otherwise spent peeling off liners and calculating the surface area needed to cover.



Save up to 4 to 5 times in the long-term by using custom die-cut adhesive tape.

Let our application experts work with you to plan your die cut tape requirements and optimize the number of identical shapes on the plate for maximum usable quantity. As a custom adhesive tape manufacturer, MPI Matco is able to offer a wide variety of adhesive solutions in a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes, lengths and thicknesses. Contact us!

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