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Why Tape Is Better Than Glue

Why Tape Is Better Than Glue

There are several types of tape throughout the world today. In nearly all industries, there are various tape applications. However, this was not always the case, and the invention of adhesive tapes is sometimes seen as a pure accident. Before the tape, glues ruled the world. However, they were messy, dried permanently and they were not as versatile as you may have wished. But as a result of advancements concerning adhesive technology over the years, it is now possible to access strong and very high performance tape that can offer superb results under extreme conditions. Whether you are looking for high temperature tapes, waterproof tapes, or tape specific to a certain industry, we offer the best.  So, what makes tape better than glue? Discover the specific benefits that tape has over glue, below.

Less Application Time

One of the top reasons and benefits that come with using tape over glue is in the application time. It is easier to apply tape.  All you have to do is unroll the tape, cut the portion you want to use, and get going. Immediately after the application, you don’t need a lot of time for curing to take place, for effective bonding. This is unlike glue and adhesive sealants whose application process may take significant time, with more time needed for curing so that you get better results from the bonding. With glue, the application time may not take long, but you have to wait for hours or even days before the surfaces are well cured.

Using Tape is Less Messy: High Temperature Tapes

This may be one of the top benefits of using tape over glue. To apply glue, you will need a mode of application. In most cases, special brushes or guns are used to apply and spread the glue to the adhering surface.  Throughout the process, it is important that the glue doesn’t spill anywhere, including on yourself, which means that to stay safe, the best bet is to wear protective clothing. Besides, the result of most glue applications never have the best appearances and additional work such as sanding may be necessary to ensure that the final product looks great. However, you won’t experience these challenges when you use tape, including high temperature tapes. There are no brushes or application tools involved, and also, you don’t have to worry about spills to the surrounding area or onto yourself.

Less Waste

Tapes are available in a variety of strengths, sizes, and widths, and you can also have them die-cut to the exact specifications you need for maximum application efficiency. Additionally, tapes are available in uniform thickness, and this leads to bonding onto adhering surfaces. Besides, since tapes are less prone to contamination, once you have cut out the piece, you can keep the remaining roll until the need arises again. However, glues and sealants are susceptible to a lot of wastage. Spills and leaks are the greatest culprits when it comes to glue wastage, and there is the danger of contaminating the glue inside the container, hence, rendering it useless for subsequent applications. Also, depending on the storage conditions, glue and other sealants can expire or simply dry out to render them useless, leading to great losses.

Tapes are Easier to Use

The process of applying tape such as gaffer tapes is very simple – all you need is the roll of tape and the surface for application. No tools, mixing or special skills needed. Simply unroll the tape, cut the section you want, and stick it on the adhering surface. Glue, on the other hand, requires a lot when it comes to the application process. You will need tools such as brushes and sealant applicators before you can use the glue effectively. In some instances, there may be some mixing or blending required, and not everyone may have the skills to get the desired results with glue.

Tape is Less Expensive

The cost element also plays a bigger role when it comes to choosing between tape and glue. There is a significant difference when comparing the price of tape and glue. In addition to being easily affordable, you can generally walk into just about any local hardware and ask for a high-temperature tape with higher chances of finding it. This, however, is not the case with glue. It is a more expensive substance, and there is no guarantee that what you require can easily be found in stores.

Tape Comes With Great Versatility

Tape comes with a great deal of versatility. They are not just available in a variety of sizes, colors, widths, and strengths, but are also available in different varieties to suit many projects. For example, there are double-sided tapes, custom packaging tapes, waterproof tapes, fabric tapes and silicon tapes among others. With tape, you have the versatility to choose depending on the task at hand. Whether you are looking for a tape to adhere to glass surfaces, or you need UV-resistant tapes for outdoor application, you will find exactly what you need or something similar. Such versatility, however, is not possible with glue. They tend to be available for general application, and can sometimes be very limiting.

Tape is Ideal as a Temporary Solution

The versatility of tape makes it a good fit for resolving a wide range of temporary issues, especially in cases of emergency in industries such as plumbing, construction, and the automotive sector, among others. You can use tapes to hold joints or surfaces for a while, and later peel them off without any hassle. Glue, on the other hand, is permanent and once applied, can’t be removed at will.


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