Why Should We Use Surface Protection

Why Should We Use Surface Protection?

Imagine working hard with your team for months to deliver an impeccable construction project to your client. You’re done with the site, and you’re content that everything is in order.

The only thing left to do is to hand over the project to the client. Everyone leaves the site happy, waiting for a couple of days or weeks for the handover.

But…when you go back to your construction site—shock! The surfaces look as if the project was completed over a decade ago. There’s dilapidation everywhere, and you’re certain that, in the state that it is, you won’t be handing over the project.

Your omission of proper surface protection is now going to cost you time, and money, and probably put a dent in your professional image, tainting how your clients see you.

If you’ve never thought seriously about surface protection once the job is done, or as a regular maintenance practice, here is a brief look at some of the reasons why you should always have this in mind:

Surface Protection is Usually—or Should be—Factored into the Budget

Sadly, most contractors forget that surface protection expenses, such as using solutions like black masking tapes, are usually included in the budgets for the projects they undertake. That surface protection comes late in the project is no reason for it to be overlooked. As with most projects, there will always be some time between the completion of the project and the handover.

During this time, a lot can change, and you might find that, due to slightly damaged surfaces, you have extra work to do before the handover. It is at that point that you need to consider covering all the surfaces properly so that when it’s time to do the handing over, every surface will be clean, and in the condition, you had wanted them to be in.

Helps You to Avoid Discrepancies That May Lead to Late Payments

The last thing you want after completing a project is to have your payments delayed. Usually, when the delays are caused by the owner of the project, you’re likely to get upset because you may not understand why your funds are not getting released, even though you’ve completed the work. But what happens if the delay is due to a fault of your causing or lack of oversight?

This is the kind of situation you may find yourself in when you overlook the importance of post-completion surface protection.

It’s vital that you preserve the integrity of all the completed surfaces, because no client is going to accept the project if they see that a floor, wall, or other part of the project is not in the condition they expect it to be in.

Therefore, to avoid such embarrassment, and to ensure that your payment is not delayed in any way, it is prudent that you consider proper surface protection, such as using a carpet tape to protect your floors while you wait for the handover and the release of the rest of your payment.

It Leads to Greater Customer Satisfaction

Imagine the look on your client’s face when they come for the handover and, once you remove the surface protection, find things looking impeccably clean and presentable.

Conversely, can you imagine the look on their expression when they come and find the surfaces looking dirty and ugly, with some areas requiring a retouch?

As a contractor, you will always prefer the former to the latter. The last thing you want is to upset your clients, because you need more jobs from them, and you also want more referrals coming your way.

Ensuring proper surface protection during and after completion is a sure way to make your customers happy. And given the simple nature of the endeavor, as well as the availability of proper surface protection materials like brown duct tape, this is something you should always consider with all your projects.

Reduced Cleanup Time and Costs

Before handing over a project, you will have to consider after-project cleaning to spruce up everything and ensure the project is in a ready state prior to the handover. Dust and other debris are likely to get onto surfaces, and let’s not forget about the effects that the elements of weather might have on the surfaces.

If not checked, you may be in for a rude awakening when you come for the after-construction cleaning. It is possible that you may be faced with minor repairs, or you will have to do a lot of cleaning to bring the project to the state where you will be happy to present it to the client.

This might not just take a lot of time, but also may come with additional costs. But the cleanup time, as well as the cleaning costs, can be significantly reduced when you consider proper surface protection.

It’s Safe and Environmentally Responsible

One advantage that comes with proper surface protection is that you will be shielding the surfaces from all the elements of the weather. This will not only help to keep them clean and safe, but their integrity will also not be comprised.

While you do this, you’ll come across as a responsible contractor and a real professional who knows exactly what they should be doing. It may look like a simple and subtle thing to do, but it goes a long way in contributing to the overall success of the project.

Surface Protection is Relatively Affordable

Though the cost of surface protection should always be catered for in the initial budget, those who omit it will be reluctant to consider it, thinking that it is a very costly affair that might hurt their bottom line. However, this is never the case.

There are plenty of affordable surface protection solutions. You’ll find the right solution for nearly every surface you may have in mind.

Therefore, it is ridiculous to avoid it, thinking that it’s too costly. If you have any doubts, have a word with tape experts and you will be surprised at just how easy and affordable it is.

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