This is Why Engineers and Designers Love PSA Tapes

This is Why Engineers and Designers Love PSA Tapes


Pressure sensitive tapes, simply known as PSA tape, is a major tape category featuring relatively thin, but flexible tapes with double or single side coating. When applied with pressure to clean and dry surfaces, the tapes will stick strongly to a variety of substrates.

The bond created by the tape is a factor of the pressure used during application. PSA tapes don’t need heat, water or solvents to activate the adhesive, and as such, they have a wide range of applications, with more being discovered with each passing day.

Pressure adhesive tapes are the staple for designers and engineers as far as tapes are concerned, and this is for very good reasons. Other than their adhesive power, which makes them ideal for a myriad of application in designing and engineering, PSA tapes are also easy to use and more affordable compared to most of the traditional fasting options. Here are some of the advantages of using these tapes:

  • They are perfect for replacing welds, rivets, bolts and other fasteners used in heavy mechanical applications
  • They are made from lighter and thinner materials, thus making them easy to use
  • They have noise and vibration damping
  • With their application, there is no need for surface refinishing to avoid weld distortions
  • They can be used as adhesive for difficult surfaces such as glass
  • They provide better cosmetics that mechanical fasteners
  • With their uniform thickness, they are ideal for gap filling applications
  • With their use, there is no need to bond both the substrates at the same location and at the same time and this allows for a lot of flexibility in the manufacturing process.
  • They are ideal as moisture sealants

These are just some of the reasons why designers and engineers love pressure adhesive tapes. They come with the versatility to make work easier while at the same time giving amazing results.

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