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What Are the Best Tesa Adhesives /Tapes for the Construction Industry?

What Are the Best Tesa Adhesives /Tapes for the Construction Industry?

Adhesives designed for the construction industry ought to be strong and durable enough to withstand the harshest environments. They need to do this without compromising the integrity of the bond, while also preserving the aesthetic components of the structures.

Tesa is no newcomer to the construction industry. For a long time, they have been the go-to supplier of tapes for those in need of excellence, longevity, and design in the construction industry. With product ranges such as Tesa ACX Plus, you are adequately covered for all your bonding and adhesive needs.

Tesa Solutions for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is wide and varied. So, the applications for tapes in the industry will also vary greatly. Thankfully, Tesa has a solution for nearly every conceivable use of tapes or adhesives.

Before delving into the myriad of bonding solutions they have for the construction industry, let us start by first looking at the best-performing adhesives for building facades. This is necessary because facades are some of the largest tape consumers in the industry. For most people, the need to think about quality tapes arises when it’s time to patch up the facade in order to bring out the overall beauty of the building.

All you need to know about Tesa ACX

Tesa ACX tapes are some of the most preferred tapes for bonding applications in construction. They are basically double-sided tapes that have been designed for bonding applications in buildings.

Their design allows them the strength to last for decades when they are applied to surfaces, primarily because of their unique surface characteristics.

One of the most outstanding features is their ability to evenly distribute stress. This allows for bonding surfaces together that have different rates of thermal expansion and contraction.

This is often a major challenge for most other types of tapes used in the construction industry.

When other tapes are applied to surfaces that have varying rates of thermal contraction and expansion, they lose their integrity over time. This is likely to compromise not just the strength but also the clean look of the bond.

Tesa ACX tapes are also known for their excellent resistance to various chemicals and climates. This is why they are the preferred tapes for outdoor applications, where proper bonding is required for a long time. When used on building facades, it will be a very long time before you need to worry about degradation due to harsh outdoor conditions.

These benefits are mainly due to the viscoelastic properties of the unique adhesives used in their design. A combination of science and technology is employed to achieve the perfect balance of elasticity and viscosity.

The resulting bonds are known to have enviable characteristics when it comes to both strength and the ability to absorb dynamic vibrations and forces, allowing them to not only adhere well to surfaces but to also provide durability.

These unique properties also give the tapes their ability to minimize stress, leading to better stability of the adhesive bonds.

It may surprise you to learn that Tesa ACX Plus tapes are designed to absorb stress up to three times their thickness. A typical Tesa ACX tape is about 0.5mm thick. It has the ability to absorb stress up to 1.5mm through the expansion of its bonds.

For example, if you were to use tape to bond aluminum to glass, for every 1-degree Celsius increase, the aluminum could expand by 21 to 24 micrometers. So, you need a tape that can absorb the stress.

The design of Tesa ACX tapes makes them a versatile option for many applications apart from building facades. They are also widely used in the manufacturing and tech industries. These industries also have applications that require durable bonding with surfaces that have varying thermal expansion and contraction properties.

Other Solutions for the Construction Industry

Apart from Tesa ACX Plus, here is a brief look at some tapes also used as bonding solutions in the construction industry:

Masking Tape

Masking tape has a wide array of applications in the construction industry. The various types offered by MPI Solutions are suitable for both delicate and hard-to-bond surfaces.

It is also designed with the ability to come off cleanly at removal time. They have high-temperature resistance and are also resistant to the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Duct Tape

You will find duct tape in many different thicknesses. Your choice will be primarily determined by the application at hand. Duct tape also comes in varying adhesive strengths and many different colours – giving you a host of options.

With their ability to resist the UV rays of the sun and clean removal from surfaces, it is ideal for outdoor use where you want ideal bonding results.

Stucco Tape
For clean outdoor stucco applications, you can always rely on the ease of use and convenience of stucco tape.

It is designed to give you the strength you need for proper bonding on tough surfaces like brick walls, stucco, and aggregates.

It also comes off cleanly when the job is done, to help preserve the aesthetics of the surfaces where it has been used.

The other notable adhesive solutions ideal for the construction industry include electrical tape, aluminum foil tape, double-coated tape, sealants, and structural adhesives.

For years, MPI Matco has been a trusted provider of high-quality adhesive solutions for the construction industry. As a leading provider and manufacturer of industrial tapes and adhesives, we offer high-performance products designed to solve a variety of adhesion problems. Our product line includes pressure-sensitive tapes, adhesives and sealants such as Black Mamba. Trust MPI Matco for all your adhesive needs.

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