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Ways to Promote a 'Buy Local' Brand using Custom Printed Tape

Ways to Promote a ‘Buy Local’ Brand using Custom Printed Tape

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, a confinement measure had to be taken worldwide to stop the virus from spreading. In order for citizens around the world to cope with this isolation, messages and symbols of hope and solidarity started to spread throughout towns and countries.

In Quebec, we have had the opportunity to witness several symbols and messages such as the “Ça va bien aller” rainbow, Panier Bleu, Buy Local, and the “100% proudly Canadian made” symbols. But what is the story behind all of these symbols? And how can you promote this message with custom tapes?

In this article, you will learn more about those symbols, and how you can use custom tapes to convey a message.

The 4 Covid-19 symbols in Canada

Every symbol has an origin and story to tell, and during the pandemic, people needed to deliver some sort of hope for the future, and help brands to survive the crisis. Here are the 4 symbols that became more famous during the crisis:

“Ça va bien aller” rainbow: This symbol of hope originally started in Italy. When Italy went into lockdown in March, Gabriella Cucinelli, an Italian citizen in Quebec, started to feel desperation. As the numbers of contaminated people kept growing in Quebec, she knew that it wouldn’t be long before Quebec had to face Italy’s fate. One day, when she was reading the news from her country, she came across photos of rainbows plastered all over Italy with the message “Andrà tutto bene” which means “Everything will be alright/Ça va bien allerand this is how she got the idea. The first rainbow was put on her window, and it was immediately noticed. Later, she put it on Facebook, and this is how it spread across the province. She encourages businesses that use it to make donations to non-profit organizations.  As for Gabriella, she has been giving the donation money to “La cantine pour tous”, a food security organization in Montreal.

Panier Bleu: Due to the Covid-19 virus, the Quebec economy has suffered significantly. In order to stimulate the economy and assist entrepreneurs, the Panier Bleu organization was created. It is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting Quebec businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. It is intended to benefit local merchants within the province. The primary objective of the Panier Bleu is to guide consumers to Quebec merchants in order to stimulate their sales. By choosing traders identified by the Panier Bleu, the inhabitants of Quebec can demonstrate their solidarity by taking a collective action that will provide a breath of fresh air to the economy.

Buy local: This is a concept that is spreading across America, even more so nowadays due to the crisis. The buy local movement has the objective to alter the success of small businesses. It is an approach to unite small businesses to take on national chains and big-box competitors together, by creating a mindset among consumers that buying local matters. Thanks to the work of independent business alliances, local chambers of commerce and small business owners themselves, the movement has grown over the years, and its expansion is more necessary than before.

100% proudly Canadian made: This logo has been used on a lot of products since its creation. When a product or store is known to be proudly Canadian, it means that is comes from Canada and nowhere else. These brands and stores promote the economy of Quebec as a priority, before aiming internationally, which is very important for the local economy, especially during the crisis we are currently experiencing.

Custom printed tape to promote these symbols

In order for those symbols to have more impact on products and customers, custom tapes are what you need. But why?

Traceability: Custom tape can easily enhance the traceability of your logo, mostly when it is in the food industry, which is perfect for the Panier bleu and 100% proudly Canadian made. These tapes can really help identify the batch and the supplier.

Professionalism: Creating a great impression with your brand is very important. Custom tape displays your brand and creates the best impression at the beginning, while clients receive a product for the first time.

Inexpensive mode of promotion: The custom tapes are a more cost-effective way to expose your brand to the people. When you use custom tape, it helps you to send the right message and reach customers on a larger scale.

Reduces packaging costs: When custom tape is used for branding, you don’t need to have printed packaging anymore. You can use plain boxes that are less expensive and seal them with custom tape. It immediately catches the eye, and it makes the tape look very professional.

Great advertisement: The more your logo is exposed using custom tape, the better it is to promote your brand. As the package is handled by several people during delivery, it also gets exposed to many potential customers while being delivered.

In conclusion, if you want your brand to be extremely famous, custom tapes are what you need. These are a valued tool for creating brand awareness, as well as building the trust and confidence of the people. People love things that are different. Tape with a nice logo or flashy colors on it, attracts attention. You will not find something more efficient to convey a message, especially if the product has to be delivered.

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