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Top 5 High Temperature Resistant Adhesives for Signage Fabrications

Top 5 High Temperature Resistant Adhesives for Signage Fabrications

Sign-makers have always looked for ways to enhance the durability and aesthetics of their products. Back in the day, the common approach to signage making was the use of welding, taping or fastening.

However, each of these methods had its own shortcomings, which not only impact the durability of the signage, but also had an impact on its aesthetics, rendering it less effective.

The use of structural adhesives in this field, hence, came as a great savior to the sign makers. It became the perfect alternative to welding and mechanical fastening in the signage industry.

If you are a player in this industry and you are wondering what the best adhesives are for high temperature signage fabrication, then we have some very good news for you. Below is a brief look at the top five high temperature resistance adhesives guaranteed to give you the best results for signage fabrication.

SAF Structural Adhesives

SAF Structural Adhesives are in the form of a liquid paste, and they are made of methacrylate adhesives. They have an impressive high peel and high impact strength, making them a darling in the signage industry where applications may be required to withstand very high or very low temperatures. They also have enviable impact resistance, peeling, and vibrations.

With SAF structural adhesives, sign-age experts can boldly use them, taking comfort in the knowledge that they will still perform at their best levels at environments with temperatures between -400°C and 1500°C.

Besides, they are also resistant to UV exposure, and they don’t require a lot of substrate preparation before they can be used. Additionally, these adhesives can withstand harsh environments such as oils, polar solvents, diluted acids, and alkaline solutions, among others.

All these properties make them very good candidates for use in the signage industry, where they can be used on metals, composites, plastics, and dissimilar substrates.

Black Mamba FHG Sealants

Another worth consideration for high temperature resistant adhesive for signage fabrication, is the Black Mamba FHG High Tack Adhesive. This product is a product of mono-component MS polymer adhesives, and it is designed to offer optimal sealing even in low-pressure conditions.

Black Mamba FHG’s technology has been around for approximatively 30 years. In Asia, it is almost 100% silicone free and in Europe, it is approximatively 60-70% silicone free. Black Mamba is a “GREEN” product with ultra-low VOC content.

Black Mamba is currently being used in the boating, trucking, signage, masonry, window and cabinetry industries to name a few.

The high tack formulation has been around for approximatively 10 years. The Black Mamba high tack formulation has been used in the sink installation for over 5 years. Zero failures and 750,000 – 1,000,000 sink installations to date. Black Mamba strength is over 360 PSI.

Its main advantage, which makes it a darling in the signage fabrication industry, is the speed with which it forms the skin, as well as its speed of curing.

  • Skin forms in approximatively 10 mins
  • Dries at a rate of 5mm per 24 hours

Their high initial bond strength eliminates the need for mechanical fixing or support while bonding heavy objects. It cures without shrinking, resists vibration and remains flexible.

Its tolerance to temperature is also impressive, given that it will offer very good results in temperatures between -40.0°C and 140.0°C. It is also resistant to water, UV radiation, and aggressive environments such as polar solvents, oils, diluted acids, and alkaline conditions.

Still, on its suitability in the signage industry, the Black Mamba can be used with a variety of materials, and it also works very well with water-based and acrylic paints, which are also very common in the signage industry.

Furthermore, it is odorless, solvent-free and non-yellowing, hence, no worrying about interfering with the aesthetics of the signage once the job is done.


B1023 is the ultimate solution that signage experts needed to combat the challenges they usually encountered with the banning of toxic chemicals. Environmental concerns in the signage industry could not be ignored, and there was a need to reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

Adhesives made from toxic compounds such as dichloromethane were commonplace, and though they provided good results in the short run, their long term effects told a different story. However, the industry can move on without such toxic adhesives, and this is thanks to versatile adhesives such as the B1023.

The B1023 is a clear structural adhesive that offers superior bond formation in all types of plastics. After its application, you can easily move to make the assembly in less than a minute and without worrying about any drips. The adhesive will form the initial bond within three minutes, while it may take up to 24 hours for the full polymerization process to complete.

Also worth noting is the fact that B1023 can work perfectly between varying temperatures of between

-400°C and 1250°C. This temperature application range makes it suitable for outdoor applications where most of the signage products will always be featured.

High Performance Double Sided Tape

You have probably heard about high temperature tapes, but have you ever thought about their suitability for use in the signage industry?

Double sided tapes have been a staple for many tape applications. They are not just hailed for their strong bonds, but they also come with the strength and durability desired in many tape applications.

Besides, they are fatigue resistant, and their vibration dumping capabilities are also nothing but stellar. With the ability to accommodate a variety of thermal expansion rates, these tapes are fast becoming a darling for the signage industry, because they can also withstand prolonged exposure to UV radiation and will stick on outdoors for a relatively long time.

Besides, they are also easy to use with impressive design flexibility, which further expands their scope of applications in the signage industry.

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape such as tesa tapes are also a staple in the signage industry. They can be sued for temporary or permanent applications, such as in thermal insulation, acoustic dampening, fastening, packaging, and gap filling.

They are primarily made from closed cell foams or open-cell foams. They are available in different thicknesses and different types. Their suitability for use in signage fabrication is partly due to the following:

  • Great alternatives for mechanical fasteners – signage fabricators love to use die-cut double sided tapes as an alternative for mechanical fasteners. The tapes are very effective in attaching or mounting panels, signal stands, nameplates and much more!
  • Easy to use – using these tapes don’t require any special training or instructions. Also, no special personal protective gear is required before you can use them. It is unlike using pneumatic drills to patch up signage.
  • They support thermal expansion and contraction – signage will always contract and expand depending on the varying weather conditions. With these tapes, the bonds will stay intact. They are unlike mechanical fasteners which may become loose in case of regular expansions and contractions.

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