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How to stop the spread of Covid-19 by using adhesives

How to stop the spread of Covid-19 by using adhesives?

For several months now, the world has had to face an unprecedented pandemic. As we know that it is very important to protect ourselves from the virus, some measures had to be taken for our safety, and to stop the spread of Covid-19. These measures consist most of all, of social distancing rules, and protective masks. In this fight, every element can have its use. For example, adhesives can be really useful to us to protect ourselves: Tesa tapes, vinyl-backed tapes, etc. All of them can be put to use.

So, what can be done with these adhesive tapes? In this article, we will explain all that can be done with tapes and how useful they are against Covid-19.

The tapes and their different uses

It can be difficult to see how tapes can help fight the virus. And yet, they have a very important role throughout various situations:

Contaminated waste seals: Duct tapes can be very effective for safe waste. When medical waste has been exposed to the virus, and is thrown away, it is always important to securely seal the waste bags to avoid spreading the virus. In order to seal the bag correctly, you can use our industrial grade poly-coated cloth duct tape. This tape is very strong, and you can also easily tear it by hand. No matter what, it is important to remember that gloves, suits, masks and other contaminated items represent less risk if they are in a sealed bag.

Protective glass partitions: To protect those who still have to go to work, protective glass has been used in pharmacies, grocer and retail stores. They serve as a protective barrier to keep workers safe, and to prevent the spread of the virus. These glass partitions are made of transparent materials like plexiglass, as they are invisible and extremely durable. To make them hold in place, especially at checkouts and counters, it is not necessary to use rivets, screws or glues. Our high-quality clear, acrylic core double-sided tapes allow the partitions to stay in place for a very long time, and to move them easily if needed.

Protective face shields and masks: For the workers who have to work in direct contact with the virus, it is very important that they have the necessary protection to stay safe. For instance, it is very important for a healthcare worker to have a face shield and other equipment, as they are the only barriers they have to avoid contracting the disease. For more efficiency, you can use a hard-to-stick material that goes at the top and bonds with the PVC. So, during fabrication, you should use our specially designed tapes, more commonly referred to as foam tapes. With them, you will have comfort and protection all day long. This tape is tremendously reliable.

Shopping cart protective covers in supermarkets: As people have to keep going to grocery stores, it is important to secure the one indispensable thing they all use: the cart. It has been discovered that the handles on the shopping carts are among the top three most contaminated things we touch all the time. In order to avoid contamination, it is wise to use temporary protection tapes. Our tape is friendly to the environment, and it adheres easily to the handles. It covers perfectly, and it is also very easy to remove after each use.

Temporary distance warning signs: In order to respect social distancing rules, you might have seen temporary reminder signs in stores and in public transportation on walls, doors, glass etc. To make sure these notes stick onto their respective surfaces, there is no need for glue or screws. We have double-sided tapes that provide real adhesion. This type of tape is easy to remove, and it doesn’t leave residue on the surface. For those signs, we recommend our double-sided tapes to you, our linerless, double-sided tapes, and our green paper masking tapes to have a secure bond on any surface.

Floor markings: It is not always easy for clients to know where to stop in stores, as they have to stay at least 6 feet away from the other customers. There is an easy way to make it easy for them: floor markings that indicate the appropriate space. Our floor tapes strongly bond with the surface, and you can even choose the color you want. They are long lasting, tear resistant, and very robust to withstand foot traffic, carts, and so much more. To help you with these markings, we recommend our vinyl tapes, packaging tapes, printable acrylic-coated cloth tapes, and our green paper masking tapes.

Sanitizer dispenser mounting: It is very important to wash our hands as often as possible to kill the virus. And what better way to do that than offering a sanitizer dispenser at the customers’ disposal? To make it stick, our double-sided tapes offer a very high adhesion to any surface. They are very quick and convenient to apply, and they can hold any amount of pressure, and are also suitable for simply regular usage.

As you can see, adhesive tapes can be really useful to fight Covid-19, and to avoid more spreading. It is just very important to use the right tape, and you will be fully protected. You will not find better quality adhesive tapes, and we are here to answer all your questions if you need help. By using those tapes, you make small but important changes.

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