Select the Right Protective Film Tape and Avoid Issues by Asking the Right Questions

Select the Right Protective Film Tape and Avoid Issues by Asking the Right Questions

If you want to purchase protective film tape then there are several factors that are to be looked at when finding the correct tape to serve your purpose. Let’s look at some important questions you need to find an answer to while buying film tapes.

How do Surface Protection tapes Work?

The main purpose of protective film tape is to provide protection to important surfaces from scratches, abrasions, contamination, dirt, and UV exposure. These protective films are quite popular because of their durability and strength.

The film tape is produced by using thin layers of film that are bonded to each other and create a barrier and guard.  Their uses range from glass in a building to anything that requires protection while under construction.

For instance, you will find film tape being used as shrink wrap plastic and affixed to a new refrigerator you have purchased.

Similarly, protective film tape is used as a roll of material that is utilized for covering and protecting any fabricated part’s surface, such as in the automotive industry. You will find similar use of this type of film tape in plastic and metal sheet manufacturing.

They are popular due to the fact that they tend to be scratch proof and assist in reducing UV rays and sunlight from penetrating the surface of the material that is being protected.

However, before selecting any particular type of film tape you will have to ensure that it will be able to provide the correct amount of protection. Let us look at questions you need to ask before choosing any type of protective film tape.

Important Questions You Need to Ask When Looking for Surface Protection Films

Question #1

Where does protective film tape need to be applied; over smooth or rough surfaces?

Here, you will have to keep note of the fact that any rough surfaces have a larger area and as such, needs a thicker adhesive.

Question #2

Does the surface have to be dry and clean?

If the surface is dirty or moist, then the results will be unacceptable and less than ideal. For example, unnecessary debris and embedded materials will usually have a negative effect over the performance of the protective film.

Question #3

Is the surface going to have any type of coating or will it be painted?

This is another aspect you need to keep note of, due to the fact that chemical reactions can take place between the coating and the adhesive.

Question #4

Protection is needed for which type of surface?

Different types of adhesive are required for the surface it will be used for and as such, you will have to select a film tape that is suitable for the surface dependent on if it is ceramic, plastic, glass, metal, stone, or wood.

Question #5

Will there be elevated temperatures to which the film is exposed?

Temperature will be an important factor you will have to consider when choosing a surface protection film. For example, if the tape is using an adhesive that is rubber based then it will not be able to manage temperatures beyond 150OF. Similarly, acrylic adhesives are able to withstand temperatures up to a maximum of 350OF and silicone based adhesives can work up to a maximum temperature of 500OF.

Question #6

Is the film tape to be utilized for outdoor use and if so, what is its duration?

You need to be aware of the fact that UV rays present in sunlight usually destroy the strength of the adhesive after a period of time. You will find film tapes will turn yellow and in addition, it will also be brittle and stiff. In this type of situation, it will be completely ineffective.

Thus, the exposure time to the elements will dictate the kind of UV protection the tape will require.

Question #7

What would be the project scope?

You need to decide whether the main purpose of using film tape is to provide protection to your windows using a PVC film or are you looking to create a vapor and moisture barrier for a slab. The selection of any particular type of tape will largely depend upon the purpose for which it is to be used.

Question #8

Is the protective film tape to be utilized in any security or safety application?

If the tape is to be used for protecting workers from shattering glass or for deterring intruders then the tape is to be selected appropriately.

Question #9

For what duration will the tape should adhere to any particular surface?

In case it is going to be long term work then it will be necessary to include additional components to make sure that there is proper bonding between the tape and the surface for the required duration.

Question #10

Is transportation and storage going to have an effect on the film?

It is often difficult for film tapes to bear extreme climates and as such, you need to make sure that the tapes are transported to the job site properly.

In addition, you will have to ensure that the tapes are subsequently stored in the correct manner so that their effectiveness is not compromised. You also need to take the required steps to store the protective film tape in a dry and cool place.

How to select suitable protective film tape and avoid issues?

When selecting a film tape you need to be aware of the common problems they face. This way you will be able to select a tape that will provide the desired results.

  • Problems with Surface Adhesion: In case you find that the tape easily peels off then it could mean that the right tape was not used or the surface has contamination in the form of moisture and dust.
  • Debonding: When the film tape separates from its surface, it usually leaves a residue which must be removed properly before a new tape is used.
  • Difficulty in Removing Film: Many times you will find that it is difficult to remove the film tape. This can happen when a tape with pressure sensitive adhesive gets over exposure to sunlight. Due to this reason it is necessary to check the film’s UV rating and also determine the duration for which the tape needs to adhere to a surface.
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