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How to make a face shield with double-sided tape

How to make a face shield with double-sided tape?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens of the world have had to adapt to the situation. Right now, everyone has to respect a social distance to avoid the virus from spreading any further, and also has to wear masks to be protected from particles in the air. These masks are very important, and they also need to be thrown away if you wear the surgical ones. But what if you could have a mask that is usable indefinitely? One you would only have to clean?

With time, we have seen more and more face shields on people. But are they really effective? And how can you make one yourself? In this article, we will explain everything about those face shields and most importantly how to make one for your safety with foam double-sided tape.

Face Shields vs Surgical Masks

It has been a great debate among the professionals and citizens of the world. Which one offers more security? Well, they both have some valid arguments, but it seems that the face shield is becoming the winner of that contest.

The surgical mask can create a really good seal on the sides of the face, but it is difficult to disinfect, it makes communication with others more difficult, its durability is limited, you have to touch it often to put it in place, and it is difficult to breathe in.

The face shield, on the other hand, is open on the side (which can let particles float in), but is easy to disinfect with household cleaners, it is possible for people to read on your lips, which is ideal for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, you can easily wash it or reuse it, you don’t have to touch your face to put it on and you can easily breathe in it.

Right now, the surgical masks are thought to be a way to slow the spread of Covid-19, but they were never really designed for that kind of use. This is why a face shield, which is already a critical piece of protective gear for many hospital workers, may be a better disease-fighting tool than a mask.

How to DIY a face shield with foam tape

For those who want to have a face shield, it is very easy to make one by yourself especially if you have the right tools at home. And it also doesn’t even cost much. Here is what you need to do:

First, you will need a clear plastic sheet, foam double-sided tape, a strap, a puncher, scissors and a ruler. Then you can start making the face shield.

For starters, you have to measure and cut the foam double-sided tape (length: 12 inches). Then, put the foam tape on the longer side of the plastic. Just press down on the foam to make sure it adheres. Punch two holes on each side of the plastic sheet, slightly below the foam tape. Then you just have to insert the strap in the holes you made, and double knot them inside the shield. To finish, cut the edges of the plastic in a rounded shape, and make sure that the strap and foam tape are very well aligned.

And then you just need to put it on and use it! If you want to gift it to someone, just keep the shield flat so the user can freely adjust to his/her convenience.

The importance of face shields to fight Covid-19

According to physicians and epidemiologists, it would be better for people to use face shields instead of masks now. It is their belief that the shields are more effective to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from getting infected with covid-19. They are even considered as a “silver lightning”. For Michael Edmond, a physician specializing in infectious diseases, and hospital epidemiologist in Iowa City, USA, the face shield is extremely important – “I believe that if every person wore a face shield when out of their home, we would bend the curve faster and return to normal life sooner”.

As said earlier, they are reusable (which is good for the environment) and they are more comfortable as you can easily breathe in them, and the foam tape helps, making them more durable for long-term use. But most importantly, people don’t touch their faces, and it is easier to communicate with anyone.

You can find any type of face shield, the simple ones with a transparent visor, and a securing mechanism (a strap or headband to hold it in place), and the more sophisticated ones with more design that you can easily disinfect.

Actually, those face shields have come to be used by everyone because personal protective equipment became scarce in many countries during the pandemic. So, in order to stay protected, healthcare workers have been using this face shield mostly used in construction and other industries. After all, these face shields were created to protect the faces of workers.

In conclusion, we can say that these face shields are exactly what we need to stay safe during the pandemic, and as you can see, it can be quite easy to make one for yourself, and for the members of your family. With this kind of protection, you are sure to be safe, which is really something you should consider. There may come a time when surgical masks won’t be available, and it would be great to still have something to protect yourself. No one knows when the virus will be overcome, and we are not safe from another pandemic until a vaccine is created.

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