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Here are the Industries That Use Tapes The Most

Here are the Industries That Use Tapes The Most

Most people think about tapes only when they have packing to do, and as such, they may believe that tapes are only used for packing, or maybe for insulating electric wires because they normally see their electrician with electric tape. However, tapes are not just used for packing alone. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that there are other industries that consume more tape than the packing industry. Here is a brief look at some of them:

The apparel industry

The apparel industry is probably the biggest consumer of tapes around the world. Apparel manufacturers use tape to combine fabrics, leading to an increase in material strength and reduced wear of the material. All these are happening without compromising the comfort of the fabric. Here are some of the tape applications in the apparel industry:

  • Stay tapes – mainly used for reinforcing fabrics in order to protect design elements such as straps, throats, and eyelets. These tapes are rigid and can be easily sown since they are made of non-woven fibers that are bonded together.
  • Seam tapes – these are for protecting and maintaining a product’s integrity. They can also be used to waterproof outerwear.
  • Seam reinforcement tapes – use when extra reinforcement is needed.

Appliance industry

The appliance industry is another huge consumer of tapes. The tapes used in this industry have been designed to withstand heat, scratches, cold and discoloration. In most instances, they are used as protective wraps to ensure the appliances reach their intended destinations safely and without any scratch.

Aviation industry

Whether or not tapes are seen in or on aircrafts, just know that they are real game changers in the aviation industry. Tapes featuring silicon adhesives and polyester films with temperature are widely used in forging composite sheets into the wings of an aircraft or in the fuselages. These tapes have the ability to withstand lots of pressure and heat.

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