How to Apply Protective Film Tapes the Right Way

How to Apply Protective Film Tapes the Right Way

Protective film tapes are easy to apply when they are applied as a strip of tape. However, with the increase of the size of the strip, either in length or width, the ease of application also decreases. It is never an easy task to handle a piece of tape measuring 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide, compared to handling a strip of tape that is just 1 inch wide and four inches long.

The greatest challenge in the application of protective film tapes is to get a large piece of the film to perfectly align on the target surface before it is laid down. If you are not careful or you have some experience in dealing with this type of tape, you will likely end up creating lots of air bubbles or the unsightly wrinkles which will then make the protected surface appear less appealing as it would have been expected.

One of the best ways to apply protective film tapes the right way is to have two people applying the film. The first person will hold the roll of the film while the second person will pull the loose end towards the end of the target surface and fix it, beginning with one end of the target surface and work his way towards the other end, while manually pressing the film into firm position. This method may be slightly laborious, but will always give better results.

The other method of applying protective film tapes the right way is to actually apply the material to the surface. Instead of having to roll the tape over the target surface, you firmly affix the unrolled tape with the adhesive surface facing upwards and in a way that it won’t move, then gently apply the surface to the stationary tape surface. This method is ideal when the target surface is large and the material to which it is being applied upon can tolerate some amount of physical handling.

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