High Bond Tesa Tapes for Partition Walls

High Bond Tesa Tapes for Partition Walls

The trends in modern-day construction feature a variety of transparent materials that allow for clean and crisp finishes. Glass partitions make this possible. This industry is just a few years old, but already has a reputation for producing aesthetically appealing and fully functional walls. The growth in the demand for glass partition walls also led to a growing need for high bond tapes for patching up the partition walls.

Glass is no ordinary material, so no ordinary tape can be used. Whatever tape you choose for glass partitions must not only have aesthetic appeal but must also be able to maintain the structural integrity of the partitioning.

There are many tape types in the industry that claim to be the best for such applications, but the most trusted and reliable one so far is the Tesa ACX Plus. It is a new type of a double-sided adhesive tape that features a high-performance acrylic system. The system is designed to give results that are superior to most of the conventional materials used for glass portioning, like liquid glue or silicone.

When it comes to the installation of partition walls, there are many ways to join glass panes. Every method requires the right type of tape for the best results. In addition to knowing the various types of glass wall partitions available, it is also vital that you know the various types of tapes.

It is vital to match the right tape with the right application. For instance, in glass partition installation, where high transparency is required, the preferred type of tape would one of the ultra-transparent Tesa ACX Plus family of tapes. These tapes are designed to create strong invincible bonds that will not interfere with transparency.

Read below to learn more about the common glass partition wall bonding methods, and the recommended Tesa tapes – ideal for strength, longevity as well as transparency.

Glass to Glass Bonding

This is when two large pieces of glass panes are bonded together in the process of creating the partition. It is popular in office partition walls where the panels need to be bonded together permanently, while at the same time maintaining very high visibility. The tapes for these applications include tesa ACX Plus 704X, tesa ACX Plus 705X and tesa ACX Plus 707X.

These tapes have been designed for immediate bonding and visibility. They have excellent resistance against UV rays, harmful chemicals, humidity and varying temperatures. Additionally, they allow for total sealing, eliminating noise and odour transfer from one partition to another. They will also provide stability when used on uneven surfaces.

Glass in Frame Bonding

This style involves bonding glass to an aluminum frame prior to using it to create glass partitions. It is a fast and easy way of creating glass partition walls that will allow for strength, durability, and visibility. The high bond Tesa ACX Plus tapes recommended for this application include tesa ACX Plus 704X, tesa ACX Plus 705X, and tesa ACX Plus 707X. They offer immediate bonding to the glass and the frame – whether it is wood, aluminum, or plastic.

They also offer excellent resistance to changes in temperature, humidity, UV rays, and harmful chemicals. It’s a strong and stable enough bond to ensure that the glass panels will always stay in place throughout the duration of the bonding process.

Glass to H-Profile Bonding

This type of bonding is ideal when you need glass partitions with good noise-reduction properties. The recommended tape for this application is the tesa ACX Plus 54954. This tape also allows for easy adjustment for tolerances and good compensation for unevenness in the bonded materials.

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