Foam Tapes: Types and Applications

Foam Tapes: Types and Applications

Foam tapes enjoy the reputation of being the most and best used tapes worldwide.  They are not just designed to give the best possible bonding, but also they are easy to use and can be subjected to a myriad of applications.

Here is a brief look at some of the types and applications of foam tape by type:

PVC Foam Tapes

PVC foam tapes may be found in high, medium and low density and they are ideal for sealing out dust, air and ultraviolet light in various applications. They have great strength, flexibility and are high resistance to wear and tear.

Vinyl Foam Tapes

These may be found as either single or double coated tapes. These are the go to tape types when you want the best adhesion results for vulcanized rubber or other types of substrate, especially in gasketing and bonding applications.

Polyester Foam Tapes

Polyester foam tapes are available in various grades, and may also be found as either single coating or double sided tapes. They mainly feature rubber or aqueous based acrylic adhesives. Due to their design features, their main application is in the automotive industry, particularly for vibration and noise control. Polyester foam tapes are available in white and gray colors and they come in varied thickness.

PE Foam Tapes

Polyethylene foam tapes are available in a variety of grades and mostly use solvent-based acrylic, rubber and removable adhesive systems. Their main areas of application are in electrical/electronic, automotive, appliance and the shower & bath industries. They may be founded as single or double sided tapes in white, gray or black colors.

One-piece duct gaskets

One-piece duct tapes are an innovative cost-saving solution used in construction mainly for sealing gaps present in duct work. These tapes feature polyethylene foam coated directly with high tack adhesive to reduce the chances of delamination. They are available as double-sided or single coated tapes with adhesives.

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