Filament Tapes Some of The Strongest in The World

Filament Tapes – Some of The Strongest in The World

Filament tapes happen to be one of the most versatile tapes in the world.

You have probably used them for simple office administration, but don’t be surprised to learn that you will find them in virtually every industry that requires tape application.

Their uniqueness, and the primary reason they are such a hit within the tape world, comes from the fact that they are made from thin strands of fiberglass, giving them incredible tensile strength compared to any other tape type I have encountered before.

Compared to tapes of similar sizes in the market today, they are stronger and can’t be easily torn. Apart from the strength, the other feature that makes filament tapes unique from the rest is their ability to be split along the length.

This has made them darling within the packaging industry, though this feature is also highly appreciated in the other sectors where the tape is used.

So, what are some of the top applications of filament tapes? Read below to find out more.

Applications in the logistics industry

The players’ goal in the transport and logistic industries is to secure the arrival of products at the respective distribution centers.

Filament tape is one tape type heavily used to protect and secure various valuable goods during transportation.

With the fiberglass reinforcement, the tapes have the strength to protect the secured goods against any mechanical stress that may be encountered during transportation.

They come in handy for protecting bulky and heavy packages that are usually exposed to all manner of mechanical stress during logistics operations.

One of the most critical aspects of the logistics process is the palletizing and bundling of products. With safe and reliable reinforcement, the risks of damage to such palletized and bundled goods are significantly reduced.

Filament tapes are highly suited for these kinds of applications.

Additionally, they also help protect injuries to personnel that might arise for bundles that are not secured adequately during packaging operations or within the warehouse environment.

Applications in the construction industry

The construction industry is a challenging sector, and any tape used therein must be proven to have the requisite strength to offer more than satisfactory results.

The sector features a lot of masking and painting works. The tapes here are not only needed to provide the right cover for surfaces, but they must also be in a position to allow the workers to achieve the straight lines or curves present in the various designs.

Filament tapes have just the right features for these kinds of applications. In addition to being used in applications involving simple masking and painting, filament tapes are also used in decorations during and after construction.

The main reason for this is that they are easy to apply and remove, and they won’t leave any residue behind once you are done with the decorations.

Also, since they are multi-layer support tape, they guarantee the tensile strength needed to provide proper adhesion even on the most hostile surfaces.

Suppose the tapes are to be used for outdoor applications. In that case, it is pleasing to note that they are never threatened by environmental factors such as wind, humidity, snow, sunlight, and temperature, among others. Therefore, filament tapes are a real workhorse in the construction industry. As their strength keeps on improving, their applications within the industry will also keep on increasing.

Applications in the automotive industry

Filament tapes have widespread applications in the automotive industry. Though most industry players think of it as a secondary element in various industry applications, it remains a vital component in the manufacturer, repair, and service within the industry.

Its envious bundling properties have proved to be of immense use for workers on the factory floor. Some of the notorious areas of application of filament tapes in this industry include bodywork operations, garage operations, and masking operations for painting applications.

Their tolerance to both water and oil makes them suitable for most of the automotive sector’s prevailing environments.

For instance, in applications such as polishing and painting, filament tapes are loved because they give the highest amount of precision and hold.

Besides, when they are removed from the adhering surfaces after completing the tasks, they leave the surfaces clean and smooth that no additional treatment is required, as is always the case with other tape types.

This is why it is not surprising that nearly every garage you will ever visit will have some aspects of filament tapes.

Vital protection for both movable and loose parts

Most industries need for some of their products to be held and made secure during specific processes such as fabrications. Whether such needs are temporary or permanent, it is always vital to keep the movable parts firmly in place for the workers’ safety and safety during transportation.

Fiberglass filament tapes are manufactured for these kinds of applications because they have the tensile strength to withhold the mechanical stress and vibrations during operations.

The next time you want a tape for temporarily fastening a loose part, you can try out filament tapes, and you are sure not to be disappointed.

Filament tapes for office applications

The office environment has a horde of tape applications, and there are various tapes specifically designed for use within the office environment.

However, if you want a multipurpose tape that will thrive in all climates and for nearly every office tape application, then filament tape is just the right choice for you.

Whether you need tapes for standard binding and masking in the office, or you need temporary insulation for computer and electric cables, these tapes are never going to disappoint you.

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