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Facilitate your Shipments with Custom Tape

Facilitate your Shipments with Custom Tape

If your aim is to lower shipping expenditure and at the same time brand your products then custom tapes may be the right option for you. Moreover, these tapes prove to be less costly in comparison to what it would cost to print boxes with your company logo on them. This way custom packaging tapes help in sending a shipment that is unique and branded.

In addition to facilitating your branding efforts (by displaying the name of the company, special offers, logo, or company’s address), another good thing about these custom tapes is that they add a layer of security for your products.

Moreover, it becomes easier to figure out if someone has tampered with your shipment since once opened, these tapes cannot be resealed.

Benefits of Custom Tapes

Custom printed tapes are quite popular due to the fact that they help your product stand out in a very cost-effective manner. Let us go through the details of a few benefits of using custom packaging tapes.

  • By using custom tape packages can be transformed into attractive and creative advertising space.
  • Custom shipping tape promotes your message or brand on all boxes that leave the factory.
  • These tapes can also be used for communicating any specific call to action (CTA) such as free shipping, promotions, web site, specials, etc.
  • Custom packaging printed tapes help in reducing tampering as well as the pilferage of products when printed security tapes are utilized.
  • These tapes help in reinforcing your brand and also the benefits and features your products have.
  • Custom tapes tend to be less costly compared to printed boxes.
  • Custom shipping tape assists in the easy identification of your shipment packaging requirements.
  • You can also use custom tapes for promoting new contests or to print questions. To take part in the promotions or contests customers will have to visit your website or give you a call.
  • It is also very easy to print QR codes on the custom tape so that customers can easily scan them using their mobile devices.

Features of Custom Packaging Tapes

By using custom shipping tape you will be able to provide important information about your shipment. This information may consist of instructions about the side that must be facing upward or direction when anyone opens the box.

The tape also contains details of how the items are to be handled at the time of shipment. Additionally, it is possible to customize basic information according to business needs and it is also possible to select from different pre-printed details that are already present. A few of the other features include:

  • Prevent Pilferage: It is not possible to open the box and then reseal it using the same custom packaging tape. This way it will become easier to stop pilferage and thefts.
  • Stop Frauds: If someone attempts to return the product then it will be easier to examine whether the person opened it or not. This way you will be able to thwart frauds.
  • Provide Information: Custom tapes can be an effective way of communicating important information about the product. For instance, it is possible to print details like reorder or handling instructions, disclaimers as well as warnings, or any other important details about the product.
  • Unique Requirements: Another good thing about these tapes is that they are able to answer your unique requirements. For example, if you want tapes for your refrigerated products then you will be able to get them.
  • Better Traceability: Custom shipping tape proves to be quite helpful when you want to enhance the traceability of your products. This feature becomes particularly important in the food industry. For example, custom tapes can contain what is known as an EC number so that batch identification becomes easier.
  • Different Options: Another reason to use custom tapes is that these tapes are available in a variety of adhesive levels, color combinations as well as in thickness. You can also choose translucent tapes and make it more simple to locate them.
  • Weather Resistance: Custom shipment tapes are manufactured in such a way that they are able to resist moisture, abrasion, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and solvents. Thus, you will find them useful in different applications.
  • Superior Adhesion: Custom packaging tapes are a popular option due to their superior adhesion to surfaces such as polypropylene and polyethylene. In addition, they have better adhesion to ether and ester foams as well as other surfaces.
  • Tensile Capability: These tapes are also known for their elongation and tensile
  • Higher Resistance: If high tack tapes are utilized as custom tapes then you get the assurance of better resistance to water, thermal effects, and chemicals. The presence of these properties also means these tapes are able to withstand failures and there is a smaller chance of contamination.
  • Excellent Bonding: Custom tapes (such as high tack application tapes) provide excellent bonding properties irrespective of whether it is a rough or porous Additionally, if you use acrylic core tapes then you get the assurance that these tapes will provide faster as well as secure bonding to varied surfaces.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: If custom tapes are to be used in high-temperature conditions then acrylic foam tapes prove to be the right option due to their resistance to higher temperatures. Such a thing becomes possible because of the curing chemistry and carbon-chain it has that is completely saturated.
  • Stress Dissipation: When temperature fluctuations take place, materials show different types of elongations. When you are using acrylic foam tape as your custom shipment tape, you will have the assurance that it will be able to properly dissipate stress.

MPI Matco has years of experience in manufacturing custom-printed tapes. Please contact one of our experts today to find out what we can do for you.

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