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Double-Sided Tape Applications for the Manufacturing of Doors

Double-Sided Tape Applications for the Manufacturing of Doors

Double sided tape has many applications. It is one of the best solutions for most metal and wood doors. That’s why they are often the tape of choice.

Applications of this nature require a tape that is strong enough and firm enough to withstand the forces that may impact a door. These doors often feature a variety of surfaces, all of which have varying bonding characteristics. Most tapes won’t adhere well.

Along with strength, double sided tapes also have a variety of additional advantages that makes them entirely suitable for use in the manufacturing of doors. Some of these benefits include, the ability to achieve quick and clean results, no perforations to the adhering surfaces, the ability to prevent galvanic corrosion to metal parts, no drying time and no hazardous fumes.

If you are planning on installing a door, or you intend to manufacture one by yourself, then you have every reason to let the best double sided tapes be your tape of choice. Below are some of the specific areas where these tapes can be used:

Door Panel Bonding

If you are thinking of flush door designs, there’s a good chance you’ll be going for frame concealing panels. Not only are they becoming increasingly popular but they allow for faster assembly, great aesthetics and super performance. Double-sided tape should be your best friend if you want to have the perfect bonding of your door’s panels.

Some of the benefits you will get by deciding to use these tapes include very good temperature and UV-resistant designs, immediate bonding without any fear of curling, and proven performance in a variety of climates. The tapes have been tested for doors under varying climatic conditions, and they never disappoint.

Double-Sided Tape for Surfaces Protection in the Manufacturing of Doors

You already know about double-sided tape’s abilities to offer protection against the sun’s dangerous UV rays and other harsh climactic conditions. But you’ll also be getting even more protection!

Due to the location of these doors and the nature of their use, they are prone to getting scratched or splattered with plaster or paint before the building even is complete. The best way to avoid problems like this is to simply use double sided tapes. With these on your doors, you’ll get durability at the same time as you protect the aesthetics.

Double-Sided Tapes for Decorative Trim

Your doors are not only for keeping your home and property safe. They also provide an aesthetic that complements the overall beauty of your home.

There are various ways to beautify manufactured doors, and the sky’s the limit as far as your options are concerned. One of the subtlest, easiest, and most effective way to make these doors look beautiful is by adding metal or glass trim. This is something you can easily do with the help of double-sided tape.

All you have to do is decide the kind of trim you want, and then choose the place on the door where you would want it to be. Then go ahead and install it using double sided tapes. This will not only allow for strong bonding but also a fast and clean bonding process. You can choose from among many different thicknesses.

Double-Sided Tapes for Glass Element Bonding

Glass is a common feature of manufactured doors. It can be used as a structural component of the door or as a decorative one. No matter how it’s used, its strength, flexibility, and beauty will be admired.

This is where double sided tapes come in. They can be used during the assembly process since they make the process faster, while leading to very strong and aesthetically appealing results. Some of the benefits that come from using double-sided tapes for glass element bonding in manufacturing doors include great bonding power and durability, proper levelling of different thermal elongations, and greater flexibility (since they are available in various thicknesses).

Double-Sided Tape for the Kick Plate

Metal kick plates are an important addition to manufactured doors. They help to protect the door from the daily wear and tear that can reduce the longevity of the door and make it look scruffy over time. With double-sided tape, installing a kick plate becomes an easy affair.

Double-sided tapes will provide an excellent bond between the door panel and the metal sheet, offering even more protection to your doors. Some of the benefits of using the tapes for affixing the kick plate include high bonding strength, cold shock absorption, and the ability to significantly reduce gaps between the adhering surfaces.

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