How a Custom Plate Mounting Tape Improves Security and Branding for Products

How a Custom Plate Mounting Tape Improves Security and Branding for Products?

Custom plate mounting tapes are quite popular due to an array of benefits they provide. Our aim here will be to analyze few of the benefits you need to be aware of.

Advantages of Using Custom Plate Mounting Tape

Stop Pilferage

Delivery firm or someone else will not be able to open your product and then reseal it since they will not be having your custom plate mounting tape. Thus, you will be able to prevent thefts as well as secure integrity of your products.

Prevent Frauds

If anyone tries to return your product, you will be able to figure out whether the product was opened since the box cannot be resealed without your custom tape.

Advertise Your Brand

Custom plate mounting tape makes it possible to print anything over it. For instance, you can print your company’s telephone number, handling or reorder instructions, warnings, disclaimers, logo, web site url, and any other important thing you need.

Thus, by printing customized details you will be able to draw attention of your prospective customers towards your product as well as provide necessary information. People will be able to recognize your brand by noticing the company logo and other details on the packaging tape.

Provide Better Functionality

It is also possible to add a bar code and QR code to a custom plate mounting tape and offer better functionality to your customers.

Meet Your Unique Needs

Custom plate mounting tapes are available to meet your unique needs, for example, tapes are available for refrigerated products.

Less Expensive

These are less expensive compared to printing company logos on boxes for advertising purposes and to providing the necessary information to customers.

Improve Traceability

Custom plate mounting tapes prove to be useful in improving traceability in industries such as the food industry. For instance, these tapes can have an EC number printed on them for easier batch identification.

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